So much for transparency

The figures indicate that the Transparency Guidance is now a dead letter.

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Can parents agree to a 16 year old being detained?

As a result of a new Supreme Court judgment, local authorities will no longer be able to offer residential care, with parents’ agreement, to 16 and 17 year olds where they are supervised and not free to leave – unless there is a court order.

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Nothing else will do.

On 18 July I wrote a post about a judgment on a very sad case with a tentatively positive outcome. This post directly follows on from there, and it’s important to know that since that judgment there had been three further instances of domestic abuse where the police were involved, and an incident of the mother assaulting a police officer and another person for which she received a community sentence.

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Scott v Scott and release of court material

David Burrows explains the current state of the common law on release of court material after a family case hearing.

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Domestic Abuse Survivors To Stage Mass Protest On Parliament Square

Survivors of domestic abuse will stage a protest next month on London’s Parliament Square to highlight the way domestic violence cases are handled in the family courts.

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Human Rights Court criticises adoption case from Norway

The case of Strand Lobben and others v. Norway 37282/13 raises issues about the human rights of birth mothers in adoption proceedings.

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Private hearing, in secret and in chambers

What is ‘private’: a need for clarity in law.

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Lomax v Lomax – must parties consent to Early Neutral Evaluation process?

In an appeal from a decision made by a family judge in an inheritance dispute, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the consent of the parties is not needed for a court to order them to submit their case to an ENE, or “early neutral evaluation”.

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‘Private law children reform: a long and winding road, with Professor Hunter’

Professor Hunter (University of Kent) argues for a fresh look at the bigger picture if we are to get domestic abuse in the family courts right.

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Open justice: when is secrecy lawful in family proceedings? – Part 3

Can a family court decide whether a court rule is valid?

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Can a violent husband block a divorce?

This week has seen the headline : Mum whose violent husband was jailed can’t get a divorce – because he says no, appear in the Daily Mirror.

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Open justice: when is secrecy lawful in family proceedings? – Part 2

Open justice and Family Procedure Rules 2010.

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Giving birth and the Court of Protection

Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust v X [2019] EWCOP 35.

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Change of residence – do we listen to children?

Looking at the case SC v TC [2019] EWHC 1637.

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Open justice: when is secrecy lawful in family proceedings? – Part 1

What substantive law (ie common law and statute law) defines the English and Welsh system of open justice? And can any family courts court rule change open justice principles in relation to family proceedings?

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