Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

HMCTS have formally launched a pilot to fast track lawyers through court security so that we can all arrive at court earlier and in a less grumpy state than we sometimes have hitherto.

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‘Habitual Residence’ – sloppy explanations of the law about child abduction

We have been alerted to some less than perfect summaries of the law around international child abduction by the BBC recently.

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Final Presidential words on transparency

Sir James Munby, who retired as President of the Family Division at the end of July, has attracted a good deal of media attention over the years and has been innovative and enthusiastic about constructively engaging with the media.

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Void, Valid and Very Confusing – what is the status of Sharia Marriages in the UK?

The High Court here in London has recently considered the status of an Islamic marriage, that did not comply with all the usual formalities required in England & Wales.

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