Owens v Owens: nobody panic

Owens v Owens is a Supreme Court decision about divorce, specifically about the level of behaviour needed to obtain a divorce on the basis of a spouse’s behaviour.

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Police disclosure and the LA role in care proceedings

Lancashire County Council v A, B and Z (A Child : Fact Finding Hearing: Police Disclosure) [2018] EWHC 1819 (Fam) (02 July 2018).

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Domestic Abuse – exaggeration is not required

The House of Commons debate about Domestic Abuse and the Family Courts.

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The Progress of Reform – or lack of it. The PAC’s Transforming Courts and Tribunals inquiry report

At the beginning of June the Transparency Project submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee‘s Transforming courts and tribunals inquiry.

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Mills V Mills

The Supreme Court has now given judgment on the case of Mills v Mills 18 July 2018.

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Hit on the head by an old chestnut

The hoary chestnut, the ‘meal ticket for life’, has fallen from the media and hit us squarely on the head again. This time, the impetus is a Supreme Court case called Mills v Mills.

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Extension of the proceedings for 6 months

I have to say that when I first read Re P (A child) 2018  I thought it was of limited interest and value and incredibly fact-specific, but I am aware that this is not how it is being viewed by some, and therefore felt it might warrant a blog post.

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Supreme Court emphasises councils’ duties to inform parents fully about s. 20

Williams v LB Hackney is a widely awaited judgment from the Supreme Court because the issues centred on the lawful use of s 20 Children Act 1989 – known as ‘voluntary accommodation’.

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Marital agreements—sharing, needs and foreign property regimes

Jennifer Perrins, barrister at 1KBW, considers the case of Versteegh v Versteegh on the importance of legal advice in relation to a pre-marital agreement, whether a party has ‘a full appreciation of the implications’ and the appropriateness of making a ‘Wells order’.

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Are ‘Thousands misusing abuse orders to get legal aid?’

Twitter commentators asked questions last week of a BBC headline: Thousands misusing abuse orders to get legal aid, says parenting charity.

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This is your pilot speaking…brace for impact

There is a new pilot scheme running, which allows parents in certain court areas (including my own) to submit their applications for a Child Arrangements Order (form C100) in an online format.

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Parents refusing to participate

O (A Child : Fact Finding Hearing – Parents Refusing to Participate) [2018] EWFC 48 (29 June 2018).

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