Marital agreements—sharing, needs and foreign property regimes

Jennifer Perrins, barrister at 1KBW, considers the case of Versteegh v Versteegh on the importance of legal advice in relation to a pre-marital agreement, whether a party has ‘a full appreciation of the implications’ and the appropriateness of making a ‘Wells order’.

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Are ‘Thousands misusing abuse orders to get legal aid?’

Twitter commentators asked questions last week of a BBC headline: Thousands misusing abuse orders to get legal aid, says parenting charity.

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This is your pilot speaking…brace for impact

There is a new pilot scheme running, which allows parents in certain court areas (including my own) to submit their applications for a Child Arrangements Order (form C100) in an online format.

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Parents refusing to participate

O (A Child : Fact Finding Hearing – Parents Refusing to Participate) [2018] EWFC 48 (29 June 2018).

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