Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans and R (A Child): Why A Medical Treatment Significant Harm Test Would Hinder Not Help

This is a guest post by Katie Gollop QC and Sarah Pope. Katie represented Great Ormond Street hospital in the Charlie Gard case, and and Katie appeared in the recent case of Re R (A Child).

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UK Supreme Court: Questions of Divorce and Civil Partnership

"Hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty which is so characteristic a feature of the current law ...." - Sir James Munby.

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Talking about social work

We recently wrote about an article by Louise Tickle in the Guardian which had caused a certain amount of controversy.

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Transparency – why it matters, what it means

This is the text of a speech delivered by Chair of The Transparency Project, Lucy Reed at the Bloomsbury Family Law Conference on 16 May 2018, at Gray’s Inn.

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The Abuse of Alfie’s Rights: A Gilded Death is Still a Death

Alfie’s life, his legal battles, and his death, have polarised opinion.

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Alfie Evans, best interests, and parental rights

By now, we all know the terrible story of Alfie Evans, who spent 16 months of his two years of life in hospital as his brain turned to water and cerebral spinal fluid and who died following the removal of life sustaining ventilation.

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Application to not disclose a CAFCASS report

G v G and Another 2018.

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Invasive naso-gastric feeding not in the best interests of dementia patient

The Court of Appeal has refused to interfere with the Court of Protection’s decision that it was not in the best interests of a 77-year-old man with end stage dementia to be discharged home with a nasogastric tube inserted for feeding purposes.

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Should civil partnerships only be available to same sex couples?

Following on from the UK Supreme Court’s special session in Belfast hearing the “Gay Cake” case, the Court now gathers in London to hear oral arguments in the Equal Love litigation whose factual origins are somewhat closer to Parliament Square in more ways than one.

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Your money or your wife

Both the Telegraph and the Times have the same story this week, including that hoary old chestnut the ‘meal ticket for life’, and the suggestion that women get divorced for the money and if the money’s not good they don’t get divorced.

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Online divorce application: national rollout will be just the beginning

We have just launched the new online service nationally and any member of the public is now able to use it through GOV.UK. But this is only the beginning.

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Left in the lurch

Last week District Judge Read (no relation) published a shocking judgment. I have been thinking about it a lot, waiting for enough quiet time to write down my thoughts about it. I am very bothered by it.

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