Whatever happened to the judiciary’s McKenzie Friends consultation?

In February 2016, the then Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, and the Judicial Executive Board issued a consultation entitled “Reforming the courts’ approach to McKenzie Friends”.

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New approach to media cases at the Royal Courts of Justice is a welcome development

In 2012 Mr Justice Tugendhat, ahead of his retirement in 2014, made a plea for more media specialist barristers and solicitors to consider a judicial role: “As the recruiting posters put it: Your country needs you.”

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Seriously sick child and distraught parents – where to draw the line

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust v Evans, James and Alfie Evans (a child by his guardian Cafcass Legal) [2018] EWHC 308 (Fam).

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Mum wins appeal about her child’s potential adoption but still has to pay her own legal costs – why?

The recent care case of M (A Child) [2018] EWCA Civ 240 (judgment: 20 February 2018) has achieved some notoriety because the mother, who won her appeal, still had to pay her own costs, which may seen unfair to outsiders.

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On Her Majesty’s Secret [Court] Service, or ‘Billionaire Putin crony loses right to secrecy in Britain’

“Secrecy in the court system is a growing concern. The press has a duty to uphold the principle of open justice and act as the eyes and ears of the public in the courts. The Times will resist any attempts to erode those principles.”

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Supreme Court rules on temporary or defined moves and habitual residence

Michael Gration, barrister, of 4PB, examines the Supreme Court’s decision in Re C (children: anticipatory retention).

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Court and tribunal forms are moving to GOV.UK

To make it easier for users to find the forms they need, we’re moving the forms to GOV.UK from 21 March 2018.

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Legal aid and Convention rights in domestic violence committal proceedings

Non-molestation orders and conviction for breach.

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Unlawful killing

Re R (Children) 2018: A very peculiar case and one in which leading counsel puts self in harms way in order to demonstrate breach of article 6 and succeed in appeal.

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Talk to the hand – I’m not YOUR social worker!

It's an old chestnut, the idea that a social worker is there for the child and NOT the parents.

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Fact Finding hearings and criminal law

This post is about a new judgment from the Court of Appeal called : R (Children) [2018] EWCA Civ 198 (16 February 2018).

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Things children say – Disclosure, allegations and why language matters

Earlier this month the NSPCC put out a call on twitter for professionals to respond to a survey they are running as part of the evidence gathering phase of ‘a project to support professionals to take the appropriate action when they have concerns about the safeguarding of children and young people’.

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Cafcass ‘tool up’ for children’s voices

‘Voice of the Child: How to help children’s voices be heard loud and clear throughout the family court process‘: This was the title of an Open Board Meeting at Cafcass we attended recently.

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The digital revolution…rolling slowly towards us…

I've been meaning to write for a number of months about how I have been getting on with life without paper bundles.

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Meal tickets for life…again

TP respond to a report in the Daily mail that "Fewer women seek divorce as they fear losing their own cash in the wake of a divorce from a less well-off husband".

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Child contact, non-molestation and McKenzie Friends

Re J (Children) [2018] EWCA Civ 115 (6 February 2018) raises at least four issues.

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A Fear of Sharia: why the Independent Report is a wasted opportunity

Russell Sandberg, Head of Law and Reader in the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff, is fairly unimpressed with the report of the Independent Review into the Application of Sharia Law in England and Wales.

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Vulnerable Clients and The Family Justice System

Should a disability prevent someone being a good parent? Is vulnerability the same as disability. These and others were the questions discussed by Jo Delahunty QC, in a talk on 1 February.

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Hidden transparency

We’ve been waiting, hawk-like, since 2014 for the ‘next steps’ in transparency reform. And when it came we almost missed it, hidden like a tiny rodent camouflaged under a bush.

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Pianos and Prisons and Publication of Judgments

On 20 January the Daily Mail headline demanded : ‘Family court judge must explain why pianist jailed, says campaigner’.

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Expert evidence about unexplained injuries in child protection cases

On 10 January, the Daily Mail reported about the alarming case of a baby named Teddy, who was removed from his parents’ care when just six-weeks old, and remained away from them for five months while there was investigation into the causes of bruising on his face and body.

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EU withdrawal and family law

Notes on speech of Lady Sherlock in House of Lords.

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