Retained law and the EU Withdrawal Bill

The concept of ‘retained law’ is essential to an understanding of how the EU withdrawal bill  cls 2 to 6 are intended to work.

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Cohabitation property law: a short introduction

Cohabitants: money, children and domestic abuse.

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Dodgy drug test results – what should I do?

On 21 November the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal’s Service issued advice for those concerned about potentially unreliable forensic toxicology (drug) tests in some family cases.

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Who protects the social workers?

When a child dies, it is often social workers whose names pop up in the press, who are vilified and blamed.

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The court’s role in sanctioning medical treatment and the withdrawal of medical treatment of children: “Parental autonomy and a child’s best interests: Should the courts have the final say?”

This was the vexed question posed at the 11th Family Justice Council Annual Debate last night.

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Secrecy and disproportionality in the family courts

Attempts to ‘conflict out’ a party to family proceedings.

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Equal Civil Partnerships: Implications of Strasbourg’s latest ruling for Steinfeld and Keidan

Ratzenböck and Seydl v Austria (ECtHR) 26 October 2017.

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Elsie Scully-Hicks – Family Court Judgment Released

Mr Justice Moor has today published his judgment about the death of Elsie (known to her biological family as Shayla).

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The Tooth, the whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth

S v S (Application to stop Solicitor Acting) 2017.

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Lord Scarman and a definition of domestic abuse

Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1976 as new law.

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Legal bloggers – a level playing field?

The Transparency project proposes a level playing field for bloggers wishing to report family cases.

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Breaking the cycle of mistrust – sometimes less is not more

Joanna Nicolas wrote recently that Details of care cases are concealed for good reason. The press must respect that.

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21 fraudulent divorces

Grasso v Naik (twenty-one irregular divorces) [2017] EWHC 2789 (Fam).

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Why did Gloucestershire seek anonymity?

We’ve recently covered a case where a grandmother was permitted by a family court judge to tell of her experience in trying to secure the care of her baby granddaughter from Gloucestershire Council.

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A grandmother who wanted to complain, and a local authority that argued it shouldn’t be named

Louise Tickle on applying to report the grandmothers experience from ABC (A child) Re [2017]  B75 (30 October 2017) and to name the council concerned.

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Consent to adoption where the parent is themselves still a child

Re S (Child as Parent: Adoption: Consent) [2017] EWHC 2729 (Fam).

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What this judgment is not

Re ABC (A child) 2017.

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Parents can consent to restriction of liberty for children under 18, Court of Appeal rules

Re D (A child) 2017.

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Online divorces – click here to end the marriage?

The Daily Mail have reported on a pilot project in which people start divorce proceedings by completing an online form.

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