Cross Examination of Complainants – why on earth is it happening?

There has been a lot of coverage of this issue in the media in the last couple of weeks.

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Guardian report that a ‘radical trial’ of family court hearings in public is about to be announced

“Certain family court hearings to take place in public in radical trial” claimed the Guardian headline on the night before Christmas Eve.

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‘England’s Stolen Children’ – Another missed opportunity.

This is a post divided into two parts. The first part is a summary of my analysis of the French documentary ‘England’s Stolen Children’ which first aired in France in November 2016. The second part is my attempt to transcribe it.

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Ex-MP says ‘open justice’ rules ‘must be followed to the letter’

The Press Association have covered a case concerning the potential committal to prison of a Polish woman involved in care proceedings.

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Cloak and dagger threshold

Re C a child 2016.

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Enforcement of family financial orders

Professor Nick Hopkins, Law Commissioner for the Property, Family and Trust law and Maxwell Myers, research assistant in the Property, Family and Trust law team, discuss the recommendations for reform of the law of the enforcement of family financial orders in the Law Commission’s report.

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The GB the BD and the very very ugly

Mr Justice Cobb’s judgment in the case of GD & BD (Children) (Rev 1) [2016] EWHC 3312 (Fam) (20 December 2016) was published this week.

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Girl’s rape claim upheld in Leeds despite prior no-trial decision

We were interested in the fact that the report, which is accurate insofar as it goes, refers to “detail of the case emerg[ing] in a ruling published by Hayden on a legal website.”

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Well, up against quite a lot of competition, here is the worst case of the year (breach of fair trail, HRA damages, scandal)+

GD and BD (Children) 2016.

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Law Commission issues report on enforcement of family financial orders

The Law Commission has issued a report recommending wide-ranging reform of the law of enforcement of family financial orders with the aim of making this area of law more effective, efficient and accessible, and to strike a fairer balance between the interests of both parties.

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The Inquest into Ellie Butler’s death

It is reported that the Senior Coroner responsible for the inquest into the death of Ellie Butler, first opened in November 2013 shortly after Ellie’s death, has decided to reopen the inquiry and potentially to call the High Court Judge who authorised her return to the care of her parents, as a witness.

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Adoption law illustrated by way of passive-aggressive post-it notes on a student fridge

Andrew Pack explains adoption law in his own unique way.

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Re W (Adoption: Contact) and the importance of basic steps to trace wider family in the early stages, for a childs chances of growing up within her birth family

This was the re hearing of a decision about whether a (by then) 2 and a half year old girl who had lived with potential adopters for 2 years should be adopted or moved to grandparents she didn’t know, but who were caring successfully for her younger brother and who hadn’t known she existed, through no fault of their own.

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Why the Court of Appeal released a grandmother imprisoned for disobeying orders of the Court of Protection

Some time ago we wrote about the case of Mrs Kirk, a woman imprisoned for breaking orders made in the Court of Protection.

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The Re W rehearing (placement with grandparents versus adoption order)

Re W (Adoption: Contact), [2016] EWHC 3118.

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Family Procedure Rule Committee—an update

Following an open meeting of the Family Procedure Rule Committee (FPRC) on 5 December 2016, the FPRC has provided an update on the progress of key family law developments including online divorce reforms, separating divorce proceedings and financial remedy proceedings, vulnerable witnesses and the work of the Financial Remedies Working Group.

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“The father is to have no contact while the investigation is ongoing”

Re V (A child) 2016.

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Court of Protection – Paul Briggs case on withdrawal of life-prolonging treatment

This week the Court of Protection, sitting in Manchester, has been hearing a case about a policeman, Paul Briggs, whose wife, Lindsey Briggs has applied to the court for withdrawal of life-prolonging treatment (the feeding tube) that she no longer believes is in her husband’s best interests.

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Adoption: “Nothing else will do” and the impact of decisions much earlier in the child protection process about mental health assessments and provision of therapy

Gloucestershire County Council v M & Ors is a recently published case where a family court judge at circuit judge level applied routine, established law to the particular circumstances of a 9 month old baby boy and his vulnerable young mother.

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