The “secret” transparency pilot

Although it was announced quite openly, and written about here on this blog, we suspect that the Court of Protection’s transparency pilot scheme has not actually resulted in any attendance of cases by members of the public unconnected with a case.

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Ellie Butler – the missing judgment about her sibling

Today an appeal judgment from the Court of Appeal was published, explaining why a primary judgment of Mrs Justice King from 2014 should now be published.

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Re W – no presumption for a child to be brought up by a member of the natural family

Re W (A child) 2016.

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The Chair of the Family Law Bar Association on Transparency

Our chair Lucy Reed recently interviewed Philip Marshall QC, Chair of the Family Law Bar Association, for Counsel Magazine.

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Jihadi Toddler

Re Y (A child : Care Proceedings :Fact finding) 2016.

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The state of transparency: what happens when anonymisation safeguards fail?

The Transparency Project has been concerned for some time about judgments from family cases being published where the anonymisation was incomplete or non-existent.

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A civil *style* authority

There is a really useful 2014 Court of Appeal judgment which I’ve come across lately which has some useful cross over applicability to appeals on fact in family cases.

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“Fell far short of the promise foreshadowed in her CV” (radicalisation, Tower Hamlets)

This is the Hayden J judgment in the Tower Hamlets case involving the girl who had tried to go to Syria having been exposed to extremist videos and propaganda of the most alarming kind.

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The Hungarian Games

A peculiar case where the parents were agreeing to adopt their child and the fight was about whether that would be in the UK or Hungary.

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Fundamental principles: children being heard in family proceedings

David Burrows considers the issue of children being heard in family proceedings.

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Closed material procedures in children proceedings

David Burrows considers closed material procedures in the context of children proceedings.

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Transparency versus Confidentiality: the Re X judgment

What do we do when information is already in the public domain? And what are the risks to the child if an adult party is identified?

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Judgment on Reporting Restriction on the Butler/Gray case

London Borough of Sutton v Gray and Others 2016.

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Variation of child maintenance on the grounds of assets

The child support maintenance case of SM v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions shows that the infinite variety of family arrangements will always create fresh litigation despite the efforts of legislators to provide a comprehensive code.

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Fertility regulator wrongfully denied consent for mother’s surrogacy

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a 60 year old woman may use her daughter’s frozen eggs to give birth to her own grandchild.

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Surrogacy and exploitation and Facebook

Z (Surrogacy agreements : Child Arrangement Orders) 2016.

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Using the Child Maintenance Service and the courts

Marilyn Stowe considers how to advise a client with a child whose father is a high earner.

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