A child found to be lying in criminal court, should she give evidence in family Court?

Kent CC v D and Others  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) 2015.

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Flawed assessment of family members

Most of the case of Birmingham City Council v LC 2016  is fact specific, but there are two matters of broader interest.

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Snug as a bug in a rug

Cumbria County Council v M and Others 2016.

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Just for the record…

It is an astonishingly poor judgment to plant a bug in the clothes of one’s own child.

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Father should be allowed to apply for parental responsibility following surrogacy

Z (A Child) (No 2) [2016] EWHC 1191 (Fam) 20 May 2016.

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Section 20 – keys to open the door, keys to hold the door

This has been nibbling at me for a while, and there isn’t a clear answer, so I wanted to highlight the question.

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Bugs, bunny

M v F (Covert Recording of children) 2016.

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Children and social work Bill

Long way to go, of course, but this lays out what the Government would hope to do with the new law.

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Adoption – rhetoric and facts (again)

Last Sunday, the Prime Minister was widely quoted from the Sunday Times as being ‘unashamedly pro-adoption’ in describing the new Children and Social Work Bill announced later last week in the Queen’s Speech.

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section 20 and human rights damages (£17,500 award)

Kent County Council v M and K (section 20 : declaration and damages) 2016.

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Beyond parental control

Re P (Permission to withdraw care proceedings) 2016.

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Something something oranges something part 2

Local Authority X v HI and Others 2016.

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Is it ok to be represented by a barrister who sometimes acts for social services?

Lucy Reed answers the question.

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Me? Adversarial?

During a discussion about child protection and the recording of meetings a participant cautioned us to refocus on the children who were, it was said, getting lost.

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New guidance on international family law

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has highlighted guidance available regarding international family law.

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Where there’s a will: ‘reasonable provision’ for the divorced or separating spouse

‘Husband dying cost widow her £6m divorce’ read the headline in the Daily Telegraph. ‘Widow …wants half his fortune’ said the Daily Mail, and on and on it went across all the mainstream media.

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Not So Special Guardians

Since the conviction of Special Guardian Kandyce Downer for the murder of little Keegan Downer there have been reports that the government has tightened up the assessment process for special guardians in the hope of preventing this sort of thing happening again.

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Who is legally ‘the parent’ when something goes horribly wrong?

There are several instances in the media this week of Kandyce Downer being incorrectly described as a foster carer of the child she killed. In view of this, and some general public confusion about ‘who is a parent?’ (e.g. amongst ‘Archers’ listeners) we are setting out a very basic list here.

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Divorce formulae vs divorce lawyers: the picture abroad

‘To have a formula or not to have a formula?’ – that is the question it seems for our readers, this week at least, along with ‘to have a divorce lawyer or not to have a divorce lawyer?’

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