Adoption Debate

Yesterday I participated in the Adoption Debate at the Bristol Civil & Family Justice Centre, hosted and chaired by His Honour Judge Wildblood QC, Designated Family Judge for the Bristol area.

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Prurient Interest v. Public Interest

Mr Justice Charles has handed down a judgement requesting anonymity for a patient long after death. He has done so, both as a sitting judge in the COP and ‘as a High Court’ Judge. It is likely to have far reaching implications for the media.

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Woman who sparked versus Magical Sparkle Powers

V v Associated Newspapers Ltd 2016.

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Court of Protection orders continued reporting restrictions after death

In the matter of proceedings brought by Kings College NHS Foundation Trust concerning C (who died on 28 November 2015) v The Applicant and Associated Newspapers Ltd and others [2016] EWCOP21.

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Secret information, secret hearings…

Re I (A Child) [2016] EWHC 910 (Fam) (18 April 2016), Holman J is indeed an odd case.

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Family law practice and procedure in the 21st Century: fit for purpose?

This evening Marilyn Stowe had the great honour of delivering the prestigious Mark Bailey Lecture 2016 at the Grammar School at Leeds.

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Something something oranges something

Re I (A child) 2016.

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Either lawyers are regulated, or they aren't

We really need to decide: should the public be protected from the possibility that they may suffer serious loss from charlatans posing as lawyers/legal advisers, or not?

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Re-evaluating the test for the transfer of care proceedings

Family analysis: When should care proceedings be transferred to a ‘better placed’ court in another Member State?

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The Court’s Magical Sparkle Powers (TM) – can you take a DNA paternity test from a dead man?

Spencer V Anderson 2016.

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Judge allows paternity test for DNA disease analysis

A fascinating case in the Family Division throws up a number of facts that some may find surprising.

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Lie detectors and litigation

The question of lie detectors comes up from time to time in connection with family proceedings.

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The unspeakable in pursuit of the inaudible

Re C (Children) 2016.

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Preacher and Cyanide

This was a Court of Appeal decision about whether a parent can be prevented from giving their children names of their choosing.

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The Panama Papers, privilege and financial settlements

Prominent family lawyers have suggested – for example in the Law Society Gazette – that the Panama Papers might be used to show fraud.

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Divorce and the Panama Papers

To what extent do wealthy spouses make use of offshore investments to try and keep assets out of reach of their wives or husbands?

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Joint advice on divorce: an alternative to mediation and arbitration

What if one family lawyer could advise the couple jointly? Asks Marilyn Stowe.

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Family Procedure Rules 2010—what’s changing?

With the effect from 6 April 2016 there will be various amendments to the Family Procedure Rules 2010, including the addition of two new Parts and a new Practice Direction.

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