Heterosexual Civil Partnership Refusal Not A Human Rights Breach

The High Court has ruled in the case of Steinfeld and Keidan v Secretary of State for Education, a human rights challenge to the law of Civil Partnerships.

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Debating the appropriate standard of proof for really serious stuff

There has been some public discussion of the standard of proof in family proceedings as against the standard of proof in the criminal courts – largely prompted on this occasion by publication of the judgment arising from the care proceedings concerning the sibling(s) of Poppi Worthington.

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S (A Child): Tainted report not permitted on re-hearing of adoption application

A summary of S (A Child) [2015] EWCA Civ 1345 (3 November 2015), which concerned the re-hearing of a step-parent adoption in respect of an 8 year-old boy.

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Court of Appeal criticise Judge for insufficient analysis of the placement options

In re P (A child) 2016.

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It’s January – we’re all trying to slim down

Bundles again. They are still too fat. The Pres has put them on another crash diet.

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Poppi Worthington – the Judge publishes his decision about what happened to her

F v Cumbria County Council and M (fact-finding no 2) 2016.

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Important case regarding learning difficulties

Re D (A child) (No 3) 2016.

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Risk-taking and the Court of Protection

Re Z and Others 2016.

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Judge describes police investigation as “cack-handed”

Wigan Council v M and Others 2015.

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Appointing a professional as deputy, rather than a family member

Again, a Court of Protection case.  This time by Senior Judge Lush. Re A 2016.

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Court of Protection and Criminal Injuries compensation

PJV v The Assistant Director Adult Social Care Newcastle City Council 2015.

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The Form E Fiasco

There has been a lot of hype about the so-called Form E Fiasco.

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DFE report on Special Guardianship reports… my report

The DfE special guardianship review: report on findings.

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