Re X- the never-ending story

Charles J has today (25 September) handed down the judgment in Re NRA [2015] EWCOP 59, sometimes described as Re X (2).

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The Right Principles; But Not Necessarily In The Right Order

… Or why ancillary relief proceedings must be public.

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Intermediary, fair trial and Legal Aid Agency

The High Court case of West Sussex CC v H and Others 2015 throws up an interesting issue.

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Concurrent affairs

Re T (a child: Early Permanence Placement) 2015.

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Mostyn J And The Open Justice Principle

A judicial view on open justice and ancillary relief proceedings.

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Fact Finding: Legal Summary by DJ Simmonds & HHJ Hess

I am very grateful to DJ Simmonds at the Central Family Court who has collaborated with HHJ Hess to produce a handy summary of the law on fact finding hearings and they have kindly agreed that I can share it.

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Re DAD (application for committal, flawed process)

If you are doing a committal case, either for or against, this case will be worth reading and taking with you.

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No one has the right to expect the State to make them better parents

Kent County Council v G & others [2005] UKHL 68 involved an appeal by a local authority on a matter of principle.

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Bad week for Gloucestershire continues to get worse

C1 and C2 (Children :Section 20 of the Children Act) 2015.

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Couple win damages for Hackney keeping their children in care

Williams and Another v London Borough of Hackney.

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International considerations in public law cases

Considering the rapid increase of public law cases with an international element, Carolina Marín Pedreños, a partner at Dawson Cornwell, says the decision in Re CB highlights the importance of taking into consideration the nationality of the parties in family cases.

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The importance of privacy in ancillary relief proceedings – High Court

DL v SL [2015] EWHC 2621 (Fam) 27 July 2015 (Mostyn J).

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And I’m all outta bubblegum

Gloucestershire CC and M 2015.

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Parents consenting to adoption within care proceedings

Re C (A child) 2015.

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IVF and declarations of paternity – major cock-ups in IVF clinics

A and Others (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008)  2015.

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Can a single person apply for a Parental Order in a surrogacy situation?

Re Z (A child : Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 : Parental Order) 2015.

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Removal of a child from prospective adopter

RY v Southend Borough Council 2015.

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A look inside the Family Solutions Court

Marilyn Stowe is given a tour of the Family Solutions Court by His Honour Judge John Altman, the principal architect of the project.

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Costs in family law: formulas vs flexibility

In today’s edition of The Times, veteran solicitor Maggie Rae explores the sometimes contentious issue of costs in family law cases.

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