Challenging a consent order

Re CS v ACS and Another 2015.

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Composite threshold documents – in which, a tightrope is walked

East Sussex County Council v BH and Others 2015.

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Subdural haemorrhages—a way out?

Cases involving subdural haemorrhages are notoriously difficult to defend and, quite frankly, to understand, but as the proud recipient of a ‘C’ at A-level Biology, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to write about such a thing.

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Who has the burden of proof?

The case of Re N (A Child: Interim Care Order) 2015.

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Human Rights Act and family law: Reform, repeal or replace

Human Rights Act 1998 and its incorporation of most of European Convention 1950 into English law has become a fundamental aspect of the English and Scottish constitutional framework.

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Legal aid: Committal proceedings in the family courts

The two cases considered here say as much about the obscurity – even the injustice of that obscurity – of legal aid provision, as they do about grant of legal aid for committal applications in civil (including family) proceedings.

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No court funding of advocate to help the judge

Public funding of advocate to the court: not permitted in children proceedings.

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An argument about publication of a judgment

Wigan Borough Council v Fisher and Others 2015.

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Proof of facts – High Court guidance on disputed injuries

BR (Proof of Facts) 2015.

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Your Honour, I am afraid that I have not done a position statement, but may I just hand this up?

Newcastle City Council v WM and Others 2015.

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Special contributions: outdated and unfair?

Marilyn Stowe looks at the special contributions argument.

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Removal from grandparents under Interim Care Order

Re T (Children) 2015.

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Costs argument between Official Solicitor and Mail on Sunday

The Court of Appeal dealt with an appeal arising from a costs order made by the President in the Re G case.

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MN (adult) 2015 – Court of Appeal pronouncements

Re MN (an adult) 2015 is a Court of Protection case, heard in the Court of Appeal, which spends nearly half of its length talking about care proceedings, housing and practice directions.

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Duties of a cash-strapped public authority

A public authority bears responsibilities to the court in litigation because it is a public authority.

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Leave to revoke a Placement Order – further assessment

LA v FM & MA and Others (Application to revoke Placement Order) 2015.

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P v P: CoA uphold variation of post-nuptial settlement

A quick look at P v P [2015] EWCA Civ 447, which was decided yesterday. The case contains no new law, but is of interest nevertheless.

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Breastfeeding mother versus gay couple

Re H v S (surrogacy agreement) 2015.

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When the Rules break the rules: appeals against pension sharing

Andrzej Bojarski thinks he has found another ultra vires anomaly in FPR PD30A.

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Case Comment: In the matter of S (a Child) [2015] UKSC 20

The Supreme Court in Re S (A Child) [2015] UKSC 20 has allowed the local authority’s appeal against a costs order made by the Court of Appeal in favour of the Respondent Father.

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Angola – gross, inexplicable and unjustifiable delay

Re N (Children) 2015.

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Is the system failing parents?

Unlike most newspaper headlines that pose a question, to which the answer turns out to be “no”, this particular article from the Guardian ends up with the answer “yes”, and I would agree with it.

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Ignorance of the procedure is no excuse

Re D (Children) 2015.

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