Appeal, Special Guardianship Order to a stranger

The Court of Appeal in Re H (a child) 2015 considered the decision to make a Special Guardianship Order to a woman who knew the mother through church as opposed to placing the child with the father.

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Poppi Worthington

Cumbria County Council v M and F (Application for rehearing) 2015.

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And we can throw in a word like “circumcision” / cos we ain’t going in for Eurovision

In Re W (Children) 2015, the Court of Appeal had to deal with an appeal arising from a refusal to grant a parent leave to oppose the making of an adoption order.

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No broad presumption in favour of a natural parent

The Court of Appeal in Re E-R (A child) 2015 had to deal with a very emotionally difficult case.

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Case Comment: Wyatt v Vince [2015] UKSC 14

The Supreme Court has delivered its judgment in Vince v Wyatt and appears to have sent the public into a frenzy (those that are on Twitter anyway)!

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New Guidance for Appeals

Paragraphs 19 and 20 of PD52C in respect of appeals to the Court of Appeal have been amended w.e.f. 6 April 2015.

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Are pro bono lawyers playing the Government’s game?

In 2013, as we all know, the Government abolished legal aid for many types of family law matters.

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A heartbreaking case of staggering genius

Gray v Work 2015.

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Sir, you are vexing me!

Lucy Reed examines the use of civil restraint orders by the family court.

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New Practice Directions out now!

The Practice Directions supporting the new Court of Protection Rules have been published now.

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LiPs do it for longer – should we believe the bumper sticker?

After the recent Panorama documentary “DIY Justice” people started tweeting under the hashtag #diyjustice that “Litigant in person cases take 50% longer than those with legal professionals involved”, and other variations on the theme that litigants in person are “clogging up the courts”.

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Children travelling to join ISIS

Tower Hamlets v M and Others 2015.

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Gilded cage – junior edition

Re D (A Child :Deprivation of liberty) 2015.

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