Only just over the threshold

Leeds City Council v M and others 2015.

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The cost of reducing access to legal aid

Family analysis: What can be learned from the Justice Select Committee’s report into the impact of the reforms to civil legal aid?

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Of vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, and children

Hearing from children and vulnerable witnesses in the family courts: working group.

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Bodey and DoLs

W City Council v Mrs L 2015.

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Transparency in the Court of Protection: press should be allowed names

The Court of Protection has clarified the position on revealing the identity of an incapacitated adult where reporting restrictions apply.

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Adoption – here we go again?

Re J (A child) 2015.

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The ‘were babies murdered’ case

P and Q (Children : Care Proceedings: Fact finding) 2015.

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Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, Practice Direction 27a and ‘the Delinquents’

All Family practitioners should now be familiar with the case of, In the matter of L (A Child) 2015 EWFC 15.

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Reporting restriction orders and anonymisation

A Healthcare NHS Trust and P 2015.

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Adoption of an adult

FAS v Bradford MDC 2015.

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Mostyn Powers

Rochdale v KW 2015.

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Missing child – left in police station

London Borough of Brent and K 2015.

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Law Commission insight on the enforcement of family financial orders

Professor Elizabeth Cooke and Spencer Clarke introduce the Law Commission’s project on the enforcement of family financial orders and ask for responses to the consultation paper.

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A private funding allowance in children proceedings

In MG & JG v JF [2015] EWHC 564 (Fam) after a judicial catalogue of complaints about lack of legal aid, Mostyn J made an order in proceedings under Children Act 1989 s 8 that a father should pay a funding allowance to the mother of a child.

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Wyatt v Vince—hard cases make bad law?

Family lawyers always take a great deal of interest in the comparatively small number of family cases that reach the Supreme Court.

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The LASPO safety net is a fig leaf

MG and JG v JF 2015.

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Wasted costs

HU v SU 2015.

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Child giving evidence

Re R (children) 2015.

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Oedipus Wrecks

Re B v C (Surrogacy : Adoption) 2015.

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Flawed placement order application

When you call a case  RE EF (flawed Placement Order application) 2015, you are laying down a marker that this is going to be a judgment that makes criticisms.

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Failed attempt to revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney

As Senior Judge Lush remarks at the beginning of Re DT (2015) it is fairly unusual to dismiss the application of the Public Guardian to revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney.

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Bunch of fools(cap)

This week we have Presidential bundle rage in the form of Re L.

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