Mediation: when without prejudice immunity bites?

Without prejudice rule immunity: and is there a different rule for family cases?

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Advice privilege: a point of retainer

At what point in the life of legal advice can it be said that what a person has said to a lawyer – solicitor or barrister – is covered by legal advice privilege; and, perhaps by the same definition, at what point is the lawyer’s insurer on risk?

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Family law, legal aid - and a brave new world for mediation

The three headlines below appeared one above the other in the e-version of Law Society’s Gazette on Christmas Eve.

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child abduction and child abuse

The case of Neustadt v Neustadt (child abduction) 2014 is an interesting and desperately sad one.

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section 20 drift

Re P (A child : Use of section 20) 2014.

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McCartney's way out

Supplemental petitions are back.

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Baroness Hale proposes ‘no fault’ divorce

On 12 December 2014, Baroness Hale, the UK’s most senior female judge and Deputy President of the Supreme Court, proposed a new system of ‘no fault’ divorce in the UK.

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Another day, another appeal against Placement Orders refused

Re P (A child) 2014.

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Clear now?

The Telegraph this morning runs a “Top Family Judge” story :”Social workers must not ‘shy away’ from adoption – top family judge.

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Child Sexual Exploitation (Birmingham injunction case)

Birmingham City Council v Riaz and Others 2014.

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Stellar contributions in divorce settlements – time for a rethink?

Marilyn Stowe considers the Hohn case and asks whether the 'stellar contribution' principle is outmoded.

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Options for funding family proceedings

Buttressing the right to a fair trial.

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Family Law Reform: The role of arbitration

Adversarial family court process is bad: why?

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R v R: Kafkaesque

A summary of R v R (Family Court: Procedural Fairness).

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Section 98 of the Children Act 1989: Bad or just misunderstood?

Section 98 of the Children Act 1989 is one of several provisions that languish towards the tail end of the Act, often forgotten or misremembered in its precise effect by busy practitioners.

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A&B v Rotherham: where water is thicker than blood?

Newspaper headlines this weekend made me curious to read a newly published adoption case entitled A&B v Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

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I would put this as a must-read (adoption case, dynamite)

Re A and B and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council 2014.

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Seagrove v Sullivan (Practice Directions re bundles and citations of authorities) 2014.

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Serious case review – can a failure to call one be judicially reviewed?

In this case, Deeqa Mohammed v Local Safeguarding Children’s Board of Islington 2014, the mother of a child, Nawaal Mohammed sought to judicially review the decision of Islington’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board NOT to hold a Serious Case Review, following Nawaal’s tragic death.

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The big experiment

The Litigants in person in private family law cases research study (Trinder, Hunter et al) was published by the MoJ on 27 November 2014.

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