Over-egging the pudding

The case is North East Lincolnshire v G and L 2014.

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Centralising the handling of divorce cases.

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Assessing the march of mediation in Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Guest blogger Suzanne Kingston, partner at Withers, examines DR options and progress so far in promoting non-court dispute resolution.

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Family finance arbitration: where are we now? Mr Justice Mostyn addresses fixed fees

Marilyn Stowe attends a joint family/ commercial arbitration seminar addressed by two distinguished High Court Judges: Sir Bernard Eder and Sir Nicholas Mostyn.

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Beware the PLO my son! the jaws that bite, the claws that catch (Is the PLO coming to Court of Protection?)

Cases A and B (Court of Protection : Delay and Costs) 2014.

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Disproportionate costs in family proceedings will be criticised

Family lawyers need to keep costs proportionate warned Mostyn J in his recent decision in J v J.

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Dangerous Territory…. Assessment of a parent who is overseas

London Borough of Tower Hamlets and D 2014.

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Have we lost sight of J.S. Mill’s concept of the right to liberty? Article 5 in the Court of Protection

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council v KW (by her litigation friend Celia Walsh) [2014] EWCOP 45.

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Nothing else will do – In which Nails are placed in coffins, and heads of pins are danced upon

The third Court of Appeal decision in a month to backtrack from “nothing else will do” and this one does so very powerfully - CM v Blackburn with Darwin Council 2014.

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Committal judgments should be published

A summary of Justice for Families Ltd v Secretary of State for Justice [2014] EWCA Civ 1477 (14 November 2014).

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What to consider when instructing experts in financial cases

Suzanne Todd, a partner in the Family Law team at Withers LLP, examines what impact the changes relating to the use of expert evidence in family proceedings have had in practice.

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No search results found for your query ‘indirect contact’

No one ever had any statistics for how many orders for indirect contact eventually blossomed into direct contact or how many simply withered on the vine.

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Briefing paper on non-consensual adoption and the law

This paper sets out, only briefly, some of the legal issues that have arisen in relation to the policy push for adoption.

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There should be no order for costs in children's proceedings absent unreasonable behaviour in the conduct of the litigation

A summary of L (Costs of Children Proceedings) [2014] EWCA Civ 1437, handed down by the Court of Appeal today.

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Why is there something instead of nothing?

This one is Re M (A child : Long-Term Foster Care) 2014.

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If the State wants to take your child, be prepared to represent yourself!

Celtic Knot considers D (A Child).

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Trends in Family Appeals

The response to my FOI request regarding family appeals is in.

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