Vulnerable witnesses and parents article 6 rights

The Court of Appeal in Re J (A child) 2014 overturned a finding of fact by Pauffley J that a vulnerable witness X had been abused by the father in private law proceedings.

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UK Parliament debate on reform of divorce financial law

Two days ago, Friday 27th June 2014, the House of Lords chamber of the UK Parliament had an important debate on the need for reform of the law concerning divorce financial settlements in England and Wales.

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The Baroness Deech bill and spousal maintenance

A private member’s bill tabled by Baroness Deech had its second reading in the House of Lords today.

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Rhubarb* and custody

A committal hearing in relation to a grandmother who was using electronic media, including Facebook to protest against the adoption of her granddaughter - Staffordshire CC and Beech 2014.

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CSI : President

Re Z (Children) 2014.

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Reporting restriction orders – a pragmatic suggestion

London Borough of Waltham Forest and AD 2014.

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Let’s sleep on it

There’s been quite a “thing” going on about Penelope Leach and her views about dads, overnight contact and all – and it’s got quite heated.

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Section 13 : Unlucky for some

Lucy Reed reminds us of section 13 of the Children & Families Act 2014.

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Separating divorce and financial disputes – more process than substance

Sir James Munby has considered in his most recent opinion piece, both his commentary on the bedding down of the recent procedural changes that came in to force on the 22 April 2014, and looking to the future, he has invited Mostyn J and Cobb J to chair a new Financial Remedies Working Group to look at further change.

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Money and divorce

After two years of work – and decades of studying and lecturing about the subject – I have finally introduced my private member’s bill, the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill.

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The Dirty Dozen

Yes, view 12 has hatched. And it’s a free range grade A double yoker, a veritable golden one (does this analogy make the President a goose?)…

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Authorising the termination of the pregnancy of a 13 year old within care proceedings

In this case, the expectant mother was a 13 year old child, who was herself the subject of care proceedings. The father of the unborn baby was just 14. This case was heard by the President of the Family Division – Re X (A child) 2014.

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Legal aid, justice and the complexities of family law process

A haul of very recent family law children cases throws up four which are at the extremes of family law procedural provisions; and in only one was the main adult party to proceedings represented under a legal aid certificate (it seems).

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State immunity does not avail Saudi Prince

Harb v. HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd Abdul Aziz.

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The process of reform: next steps (condensed)

In case you don’t have time to read all 11 pages of the President’s latest missive (his 12th View) here are six important areas to note.

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Q v Q – an impasse

In Q v Q 2014, the President tackles what’s been a long-standing problem in family law proceedings.

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Succeeding in an opposed adoption

Borough of Poole v W and Another 2014.

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Three months imprisonment for seeing your grand-daughter

Apologies for the Tabloid-esque heading, but it is a fairly succinct way of expressing the outcome of Derbyshire County Council v Kathleen Danby 2014.

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Private law appeal (unsuccessful)

The Court of Appeal have given judgment in Re H (Children) 2014.

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An answer to an important question you didn’t know you had

The High Court in Re A Father v SBC 2014 have answered a very important question, albeit one that probably hadn’t fluttered across most people’s consciousness.

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"We need an organisation providing not for profit reporting of family cases for the public." Says Lucy Reed.

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Restricting publicity in children proceedings: a summary

When may a parent post information of Facebook; when may a keen family lawyer relate a case in his or her blog or on Twitter; when may a mature child tell his/her story to the press?

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A Right Bundle of Laughs

The Government has now published its response to its earlier consultation entitled “Court Bundles – Proposed changes to the Legal aid Family Advocacy Scheme”.

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Legal aid: Not so 'exceptional' cases?

This is very long for a blog; but it seeks to show that changes may be blowing through the legal aid scheme, especially with the levels of exceptionality required of applicants under s LASPOA 2012 s 10.

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