Surrogacy arrangements made overseas

Re WT (A child) 2014.

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Pah-pah-pah-poker face

Hakki v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 2014.

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“Welfare of the child : Parental involvement”

There was quite a lot of debate about the wording of the new section 11 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

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How to cope with family law reform

So, as from 22 April 2014 everything has changed (or has it?).

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Chartwell: The Wages of Delay

Compliance on time with court orders, rules and practice direction.

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Transparent with our hands behind our backs

A post from the point of view of those of us who would like to improve the quality of publicly available information and inform debate about family law.

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The President’s new rules about bundles.

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The President’s decision in Re S (26 weeks and extensions)

This case really turns on the provisions of the Children and Family Act 2014 that come into force on Tuesday 22nd April.

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Withdrawing care proceedings

Re J, A, M and X (Children) 2013.

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The Musings of Chairman Ag on the Financial Remedies Unit

Some readers of this blog will have received my e-mail, sent in my capacity as Chair of Resolution’s London Regional Group, about the operation of the “Financial Remedies Unit” at the Principal Registry – very soon to be re-designated the Central Family Court.

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Surrey seems to be the hardest word

The High Court decision in Surrey County Council v AB and Others 2014.

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Ethical dilemmas and blood transfusions

This is part one of a Court of Protection decision about a very difficult case, throwing up ethical dilemmas.

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Adoption proceedings – member of extended family wishing to challenge

The Court of Appeal dealt with the appeal of a non-parent who was not given permission to oppose the making of an adoption order.

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Eve’s Law: addresses of domestic violence victims must be kept secret

Now signed by 87 MPs, Early Day Motion 900 so called “Eve’s Law” is calling for the greater protection of safe addresses.

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Step-parent adoption – telling the birth father

The High Court have just considered this issue in A and B v P Council 2014.

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Secure accommodation and seventeen year olds

This is a decision of His Honour Judge Wildblood QC, sitting as a High Court judge - A County Council v B 2013.

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Proportionality and harm

Holman J has given judgment in an appeal, London Borough of Ealing v JM and Others 2014

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Jarndyce without the trust fund

In JM v CZ [2014] EWHC 1125 (Fam), Mostyn J makes a number of helpful remarks about injunctions, undertakings, return dates and costs.

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10 things you need to know about family law reform

As I’ve been busily head down writing and updating content with seemingly endless law reform changes over the past few months (and we are currently at the eye of the storm…) I thought I would list ten important things about family law reform in 2014.

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Looking for a Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing Service?

Cellmark brings our renowned level of scientific rigour, chain of custody management and industry leading customer service to a comprehensive hair drug and alcohol testing service targeted squarely at solicitors and local authorities.

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Irascible does not mean incapable – Court of Protection

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group v IA (By the Official Solicitor as his Litigation Friend) [2014] EWHC 990 (COP) 3 April 2014.

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Adoption breakdown research

A lot of people, including the House of Lords when they asked questions about the rate of adoption breakdown and found that there was no clear answer, have been wanting to see some good research on adoption breakdowns.

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Care proceedings involving disabilities and /or deafness

The Court of Appeal examined a case involving a father who was deaf, and overturned the Care Order and Placement Order, sending it back for rehearing - Re C (A Child) 2014.

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J-M (Child): Fair and thorough treatment

A summary of J-M (Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 434, a father's appeal against an order that he should have no direct contact with his son.

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The Tithe is high, and I’m rolling on

The Court of Protection’s decision in relation to a man allegedly suffering from a delusion that he was the Messiah and his desire to give 10% of his income to the Church by way of tithe.

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Intervening lodger

The Court of Appeal decision in Re H (a Child) 2014.

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Come In Number 1 Your Time Is Up

Lucy Reed imagines how her interview with the President might have gone.

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Thoughts on a philosophy of family law

This post proposes a new way of looking at family law: as at a spectrum from mediation (which comes first) to a real concern for rights and the further end of that spectrum.

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Guardians are not a ‘neutral party’ and don’t get brownie points

MW v Hertfordshire County Council 2014 raises a number of important points for family law practitioners.

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Financial remedy cases: keeping things in proportion

Barrister Andrew Wastall looks at proportionality in financial remedy applications.

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