Gestational parents, non-genetic mothers, siblings with different mothers: family law in a quandary

Re G (Children) demonstrates the tension between legal parenthood and biological parenthood in times when both legislation and common law are struggling to keep up with the possibilities offered by reproductive medicine.

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Go to Court on an egg

Even by HFEA case standards, this one takes some following. Although as we know from the High Court we are all expected to be experts in the HFEA now. It is Re G (Children) 2014.

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What do you need to know about the updated family court forms?

In advance of the coming into force of the provisions of the Crime and Courts Act 2013, introducing a single family court for England and Wales, updated court forms are anticipated to take effect from 22 April 2014.

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D (A Child): Father's appeal against order terminating PR fails

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the father's appeal against the termination of his parental responsibility, in D (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 315.

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What’s app Doc Crippen?

The case of London Borough of Tower Hamlets v Alli and Others turns on the evidence having been obtained through Whatsapp.

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There is some corner of a foreign field that is forever not part of the Hague Convention

The quirky case of Leicester City Council v Chhatbar 2014 – which features without a doubt the best application for permission to appeal I’ve ever read.

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Foster to adopt

Another bite-sized nibble at the Children and Families Act 2014.

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A gilded cage is still a cage (Lady Hale finally wins one!)

The Supreme Court’s decision in Cheshire West and Chester.

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Preparation for the single family court

What changes to procedure do family lawyers need to be aware of?

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X and Y (Children : Disclosure of judgment) 2014

This is a case arising from care proceedings where the parents gave evidence about physical injuries to a child, and a judgment was given that the father had caused the injuries and told lies about it. The police sought disclosure (wanted to see) the judgments in the care proceedings.

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Obtaining a fresh assessment late in proceedings

Re Z (A Child : Independent Social Work Assessment) 2014.

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Applying for contact AFTER a child is adopted

The new section 51A of the Adoption and Children Act 2002, which makes provision for applications for contact AFTER an adoption order has been made, inserted by the new Children and Families Act 2014.

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Mediation – what makes you think you have a choice?

In this special guest post, barrister and mediator Andrzej Bojarski examines the contrasting roles of mediation in civil and family courts.

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Funding Applications - Lessons for Solicitors Learned in the Trenches

On 10 March, Mostyn J handed down his decision in the case of Rubin -v- Rubin [2014] EWHC 611 (Fam). We were solicitors for the Applicant Wife in the proceedings.

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The new radicals

The philosophical issues thrown up by Re M, and Not the Nine O’clock news.

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relatives and 26 weeks – a reported Auntie Beryl case

Suesspiciousminds looks at Re K (A minor) 2013.

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Legal Aid Agency wasteful and inefficient (also important news about the Pope’s religion of choice)

Re R (Children : Temporary Leave to Remain) 2014.

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Why an inquisitorial system for family courts won’t work

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas, delivered a speech last week in which he radically called for a judge-led inquisitorial system to be considered for family and civil courts.

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Clare’s Law in the Community

Lucy Reed looks again at 'Clare's Law', after its national rollout.

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Statutory backing for pre-nups – a welcome proposal

Pre-nups do not currently have statutory backing, but this may be about to change.

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Rubin v Rubin: The principles applicable to LSPOs

A 'quick and dirty' look at Rubin v Rubin [2014] EWHC 611 (Fam), in which Mr Justice Mostyn set out the principles applicable to applications for legal services payment orders ('LSPOs'), pursuant to s.22ZA MCA, inserted by s.49 LASPO.

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Concessions and fact-finding

The High Court dealt with these issues in a case called Re AS (A child) 2014.

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