Manuela Sykes

Manuela Sykes, from what I have read about her, sounds like an amazing woman. I hope that her actions in this case make a difference for others like her in the future.

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Incapacity cannot be deduced from isolated incidents of eccentric reasoning

The Court of Protection decision in Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and JB 2014.

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Child neglect law – unnecessary tinkering, unintended consequences

The Child Maltreatment Bill has barely progressed towards the statute book – and perhaps with good reason.

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Mixed messages

The search for answers continues in the family court system, says Marilyn Stowe.

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Pre-nuptial agreements – legal endorsement round the corner?

The law in respect of pre-nuptial agreements is developing rapidly.

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Donating your… ahem… time

The High Court have recently dealt with another case (there have been a lot, relatively speaking) where a man (DB) fathered a child for two women in a relationship and later wanted to have more contact than the two mothers had in mind.

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Fair to Fathers?

Martin Narey has made a foray into commentary about the family court’s role in private law proceedings, in the shape of an article in today’s Times.

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X-box mother – the judgment

Suesspiciousminds examines RS v SS [2013].

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Re B-S can itself be the change of circumstances

The Prospective Adopters v London Borough of Croydon 2014.

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The Double Digit Diet

Lucy Reed looks at the 10th View from the President's Chambers.

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The war on cut and paste

If you have ever drafted Facts and Reasons for the Magistrate’s Court, or ever seen Facts and Reasons drafted by one of the parties, you are going to want to read this.

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10th View from the President’s Chambers

The President of the Family Division has issued his 10th View from the President’s Chambers.

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“Beyond Argument” – Siblings Should Be Kept Together In Their “daily life”

Within a space of 2 weeks I’ve been involved in 2 cases where a Local Authority sought to separate siblings in questionable circumstances.

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Reporting Restriction Order – Swansea

The decision in Swansea v XZ and Another 2014.

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S v S: Non-disclosure only material if order would have been substantially different

Briefly: Financial remedies hearing concluded after parties reached agreement. Wife's application to resume hearing on grounds of fraudulent non-disclosure by the husband was dismissed. Wife appealed. Appeal dismissed.

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“Mandatory” mediation – not mandatory enough!

In recent weeks there has been widespread reporting of government measures to introduce “mandatory mediation” for separating couples.

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Ryder LJ and the Meaning of Non-Accidental Injury

A couple of weeks ago, the Court of Appeal (Tomlinson, Ryder and Christopher Clarke LJJ) gave judgment in Re S (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 25.

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Mostyn-tacious – a judgment that makes your temples throb

The case of Re D (A child) 2014 presented Mostyn J with a very very serious issue to try.

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A word in your shell-like

Appeals, adoption, writing a cheque for costs and ‘informal discussions’ - Re C (A Child) 2014.

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unchartered waters

The limits of current medical knowledge on fractures and rickets, discussed in the case of A Local Authority v M and Others 2013.

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“You can’t see me”

Withholding documents in Court proceedings from a party, and documents being shown to that party’s lawyer - RC v CC and Another 2014.

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