The last resort – without Jonathan Ross

Re LRP (Care Proceedings : Placement Order) 2013 and some labour saving remarks from the High Court.

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“Will you walk a little faster, said a whiting to a snail”

An application (unsuccessful) to commit Mr Whiting for alleged breaches of an injunction made in the Court of Protection. Re Whiting 2013.

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Section 37 reports are not a vehicle into which to pour professional angst

The High Court decision in Re M (Children) 2013, and the strong judicial comments about the need for section 7 and s37 reports to properly analyse the issues, AND a warning for Local Authorities who try to avoid responsibility for children in designated authority disputes.

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Secret decision to remove

Suesspiciousminds examines A Local Authority v C 2013.

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Reporting restriction order

There is a new Reporting Restriction Order case up – Re TM 2013, decided by Holman J.

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Now you found the secret code I use

Suesspiciousminds gives us the low-down on the 'Freedom of the Land' movement.

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Anonymity in the courts: Part 1, the “forced Caeserean”

Rosalind English looks at AA, Re (Including: note by Mr Justice Mostyn) 4 December 2013 [2013] EWHC B24 (COP) and In the matter of P (a child) 13 December 2013 [2013] EWHC 4048 (Fam).

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Blogosphere in the Judgosphere

"Today, “blogosphere” entered the judicial lexicon and I appeared in my first reported judgment." Says Lucy Reed, referring to the judgment in P (A Child).

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conditions on placement order, what does the Fox say ? (By fox, i mean Court of Appeal)

"The Court of Appeal in Re A (Children) 2013 grappled with an interesting issue." Says suesspiciousminds.

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It’s clobbering time ! Or not, as it turns out – Italian C-section case, the President’s judgment

Suesspiciousminds examines the reporting restriction judgment in P (A Child).

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Young v Young: can “eye-watering” divorce costs be justified?

"In the aftermath of Young v Young, what should be done by the judiciary and practitioners to make fees in family proceedings proportionate?" Asks Pamela Collis.

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When will the court exercise its inherent jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court’s use of its inherent jurisdiction to order the return of a child to another country is analysed by David Williams QC, of 4 Paper Buildings.

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Now its a trilogy…

"I felt that in the interests of completeness I ought to update my two previous posts on the C-section case, which I can now refer to as the case involving Italian mother Alessandra Pacchieri."

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Children in small ads

Another day, another scandal. The Telegraph reports this case where an Adoption Agency, “Adoptionplus” placed adverts in local newspapers saying that two children needed an adoptive placement and seeking adopters to care for them.

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Pension wrongs

Judith Middleton considers some of the complexities of sorting out pensions on divorce.

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Make them mediate! Is there a case for compulsion?

Marc Lopatin asks whether compulsion really going to restore mediation levels, let alone increase them.

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Return of the Tzar

"Narey’s back on his adoption drum" says Lucy Reed.

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What IS the Court of Protection?

This is intended to be a beginner’s guide to the Court of Protection, not exclusively intended for lawyers.

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Update on the Essex C-Section case

Lucy Reed brings us up to date with developments since her earlier post.

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Booker, Hemming and the “forced caesarian” case: a masterclass in Flat Earth news

Carl Gardner examines the truth behind the headlines.

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The Children and Families Bill 2013 – all change, but is it for the better?

"The Children and Families Bill 2013 represents one of the biggest shake-ups of the law relating to family life in years." Says Lorna Borthwick.

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Never let the facts get in the way of a good story eh?

Lucy Reed looks behind the headlines that suggest a woman was forced to have a caesarean so that social services could put her child into care.

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