Some things which have bothered me lately….

Lucy Reed has a rant about some things that have bothered her whilst doing public law children work.

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Denial of contact with father too “draconian” – Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has taken the unusual step of reversing a denial of contact order, by reviewing the question of the proportionality of the order in relation to the children’s right to family life under Article 8.

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If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there – An Unapologetic Rant

Sarah Phillimore asks how we are supposed to reconcile the President’s views about the urgent need for a change in culture with what the he goes on to endorse in the judgement in Re B-S (Children).

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Family law, adoption and the rights of children

"Sir James Munby only became President of the Family Division in January but he has certainly made his voice heard across legal circles in the eight months since then." Says Marilyn Stowe.

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All change for the family justice system: cost-cutting is driving reform

Earlier this month saw the delivery of the sixth View from the President’s Chambers from the Sir James Munby. It is (as were his previous “Views”) almost entirely concerned with change, otherwise known as reform.

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Re A (A Child)

For those of you who had been pondering about the applicability of Re B [2013] UKSC 33 to private law cases – Re A (A Child) [2013] EWCA Civ 1104 goes some distance towards providing an answer.

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M (Children): Refusing contact is draconian

A brief look at M (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1147, an appeal by a father against an order refusing his application for contact with his three sons.

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Inconsistent statements and eating more porridge than Orinoco Womble

The decision of the Court of Appeal in Re L-R (Children) 2013, which was an 18 month sentence for not giving evidence.

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The Daniel Pelka serious case review

Suesspiciousminds examines the Daniel Pelka serious case review.

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Relocation Research - first paper now available

In my last post, I published the Executive Summary from my new paper, "Relocation Disputes in England and Wales: First Findings from the 2012 Study". The full paper is now available to download free of charge from the Social Science Research Network.

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“This is some serious B-S….”

The Court of Appeal decision in Re BS (Children) 2013.

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You have the right to remain silent (or do you?)

The decision to give permission to appeal in Re K (children) 2013 might well become an important one, when the full appeal is heard.

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Social Work Leaders Mightily Naffed Off With Transparency Ruling

"As well they might be. It’s the instinct of self-preservation kicking in I guess. I can’t blame ‘em for that. But whilst sympathetic on a human level I do think they’re wrong." Says Lucy Reed.

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Historical amputations and lessons

Suesspiciousminds considers, with reference to the 26 week timetable, whether speed is the best measure of something.

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‘Munby ruling fuels idea that social workers are just child snatchers’

Nushra Mansuri, professional officer at the British Association of Social Workers, asks how the recent Munby judgement will lead to greater confidence in the family courts when some newspapers have a ‘malevolent agenda’ when reporting on social work.

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Court of Appeal laments systemic failures in family justice

Re A (a child) [2013] EWCA Civ 1104 – Appellate judges are obliged to review systemic failings in the family justice system as a whole, not just the merits of the trial judge’s determination, particularly where the process has deprived the parties of their rights to procedural fairness under Articles 6 and 8.

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Re. J (A Child): the family justice system meets the “realities of the internet”

A new judgment handed down by Lord Justice Munby examines, in his words, “important questions about the extent to which the public should be able to read and see what disgruntled parents say when they speak out about what they see as deficiencies in the family justice system.”

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Transparency and vampire-ish creatures

Where we are following the President’s decision in Re J (A Child) 2013.

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Double Whammy Granny

"I was recently gossiping with a solicitor who insisted that a county court local-ish to me had been insisting on charging not one but two issue fees for grandparents private law applications – one on issue and one on permission being granted, i.e. for the substantive s8 application." Says Lucy Reed.

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“Implacably hostile” mothers are a small minority, claims study

As I noted on this blog back in July, a new study has concluded that although “implacably hostile mothers” exist, they represent a relatively small minority of enforcement cases.

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Triborough a little tenderness

A dash through the evaluation of the Tri-borough project aimed at completing care proceedings within 26 weeks.

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Enforcement of Contact

The Nuffield Foundation has published a research briefing regarding research undertaken in respect of enforcement of contact orders.

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