Removal of a vulnerable adult from his home

The decision of the Court of Protection in Re A Local Authority v WMA 2013.

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The Commital-ments

Two recent cases on committals – one resulting in a suspended sentence, one resulting in the committal being dismissed on some interesting technicalities.

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Capacity and Vasectomy

The decision in Re DE 2013 , and issues arising from this.

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What the Court want from experts, and other adventures in judicial ass-whupping

The guidance given by the High Court in Re IA (A Child: Fact Finding: Welfare: Single Hearing : Experts Reports) 2013.

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M v M: "A fantastic charade with the husband a shady puppet master in the background"

The eagerly-anticipated report in the record-breaking financial remedies case M v M has now been published on the Judiciary of England and Wales website.

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“Hope your child enjoyed their stay, now if you could just settle your bill, please”

The legal implications of the mooted proposals from Worcestershire to charge parents for voluntary foster care.

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Guidance to Local Authorities where one parent murders the other

The High Court addressed the issue in Re N v B and Others 2013.

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“Man of Straw and costs”

Making a costs order in private law proceedings against a man with no ability to pay – the Court of Appeal decision in Re G (Children) 2013.

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Inherently nothing, nothing inherently

A (hopefully short) discussion about the inherent jurisdiction, particularly as it applies to adults.

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Deprivation of liberty and force-feeding

The Court of Protection grappled with a difficult issue in A NHS Trust v Dr A 2013.

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Open justice but closed mouths?

"The juggle to balance calls for a more transparent and open system of family justice against the rights of families and children to privacy has been the subject of significant debate in recent years." Says Sarah Wright.

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Laying down a marker – the Court of Appeal speaks on analysis of welfare checklist

Suesspiciousminds examines G (A Child) [2013] EWCA Civ 965 (30 July 2013)

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“Capacity to marry”

Sandwell MBC and RG, GG and SK and SKG 2013 and whether an arranged marriage where the individual had no capacity should endure or be dismantled.

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Forced marriage ~ Enforcement of Protection Orders

May a Police Force apply for a person to be committed to prison for contempt of court for breach of a Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO) when the police were not the applicants who obtained the order? ObiterJ looks at Bedfordshire Police Constabulary v RU & Anor.

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One flew over the Cuckold’s nest

Suesspiciousminds looks at the peculiar set of facts of Re M, which hinged on whether a child had been conceived by artificial insemination, or in the traditional way, and if the former, whether the husband of the mother had consented.

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“Rubric’s cube”

Suesspiciousminds discusses the case K (A Child: Wardship: Publicity) [2013] EWHC B11 (Fam).

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