“Don’t put your daughter on the stage – if you want to claim Disability Living Allowance for her”

The High Court have just published twin judgments on an interesting case, relating to reporting restriction orders – Re Z v News Group Newspapers 2013.

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You have been consulted

Lucy Reed looks at the Government's Transforming Legal Aid consultation.

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Bipolar patient has capacity to decide to terminate pregnancy

A discussion of Re SB (A patient; capacity to consent to termination) [2013] EWHC 1417 (COP) 21 May 2013.

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View from the President 2 : Into Darkness ?

"The President of the Family Division has published his second bulletin/speech/rallying cry/let’s get ready to rumble." Says suesspiciousminds.

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I have been modernised…

"This week I attended a lecture by our new Designated Family Judge here in Bristol, His Honour Judge Wildblood QC, to inform the legal community about modernisation, the new PLO and how things will be in the new world order." Says Lucy Reed.

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“Friendly McKenzie, writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear”

Suesspiciousminds looks at the (as yet) unreported Court of Appeal case Re F (Children) [2013].

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Doom and Gloom and very black Coffee

Lucy Reed contemplates the future. And drinking coffee.

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“As a drunkard uses a lamppost…”

A discussion of the new CAFCASS figures on care proceedings issued by Local Authority area.

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“I’m on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge…”

Suesspiciousminds looks at the research by Judith Masson (et al) on families on the edge of care proceedings.

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“Is the test for capacity to cohabit the same as the test for capacity to marry?”

A discussion of PC (by her litigation friend the Official Solicitor)[1] and NC [2] v City of York Council [2013] EWCA Civ 478.

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Vince v Wyatt: Striking out a statement of case

A summary of Vince v Wyatt [2013] EWCA Civ 495, which concerned a husband's application to strike out a financial remedies claim made by the wife some eighteen years after the parties were divorced.

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“On the twelfth day of proceedings, my true love sent to me…”

"A purposeful and robust CMC. Or that is the plan in the imminent revised Public Law Outline anyway. Let’s have a look, day by day, at what that might mean for the beleaguered parents solicitor."

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Lucy Reed is "struggling to absorb the vast amounts of new guidance, update and direction".

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LAA LAA land (or judicially reviewing the legal aid bods and winning)

A discussion of T, R and Legal Aid Agency 2013.

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“Cutting edge forensic linguistics”

A discussion of the Court of Protection case of PS v LP 2013.

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LAA must give reasons about funding expert assessments in care proceedings

R (on the application of T) v Legal Aid Agency (formerly Legal Services Commission) [2013] EWHC 960 (Admin) Collins J, 26 April 2013. This successful challenge to a decision by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) arose from an expert assessor in family proceedings – not unnaturally – refusing to begin work unless funding was in place.

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Care inquiry – We need a cultural change in how we perceive children in care

As the Care Inquiry publishes its findings of an eight-month inquiry into the care system by eight leading children’s charities, including the Fostering Network, TACT and the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, BASW professional officer Sue Kent examines the issues.

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