Genetic testing of children up for adoption

A discussion of Y and Z (Children), 25 April 2013 [2013] EWHC 953 (Fam).

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Justice Minister Lord McNally: cutting costs in family law

"I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read a certain speech by Lord McNally", says Marilyn Stowe.

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Devon County Council v EB & Ors (Minors): Final observations of Mr Justice Baker

I do not propose to summarise this case, just to set out the final observations made by Mr Justice Baker at the end of his judgment, which I think are of particular note.

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Huntingdon’s disease and testing children

A heartbreakingly sad, but interesting High Court case (Re Y and Z (Minors) 2013) recently grappled with a very difficult issue.

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In with the in-crowd: the Hague Abduction Convention gang grows...

Duncan Ranton looks at developments in Japan and Pakistan.

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Avoiding catastophes

The peculiar, and desperately sad, case of Re C (A Child) 2013.

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Stick to the day job

Lucy Reed explains why people who work with children should have a basic knowledge of parental responsibility.

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Local authority ordered to pay substantial costs in family human rights case

A & S v. Lancashire County Council [2013] EWHC 851 (Fam) was a costs application arising from an extremely important decision by Peter Jackson J in June 2012.

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“How safe are our children?”

The NSPCC report on child abuse and neglect.

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Local authorities and the duty to consult with parents

An examination of R (on the application of H) v Kingston Upon Hull City Council & KS, AS, SS, TS and FS (Interested Parties) [2013] EWHC 388 (Admin).

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“The driver cannot ignore the passengers”

The judicial review case of H R v Kingston Upon Hull 2013 – where the Court found that a failure to consult with parents BEFORE making a decision to move children under an ICO was unlawful.

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T v T: The separation agreement that was never made into an order

A quick look at T v T [2013] EWHC B3 (Fam) (28 January 2013), which concerned a husband's application to show cause why a financial agreement should not be made an order of the court.

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Terminating parental responsibility

The High Court decision of DW (A Minor) & Another v SG 2013 and the possible revival of applications to terminate a father’s parental responsibility.

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G-C (A Child): Moving contact on, or not

A short note on G-C (A Child) [2013] EWCA Civ 30.

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“Not with a bang, but a whimper”

Possible fallout from R (JG) v the Legal Services Commission 2013.

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Transformers…. Cutting robots in disguise

Suesspiciousminds looks at the new consultation “Transforming Legal Aid”.

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“It is not down on any map, true places never are”

The DFE Adoption maps and what we can learn from them, if anything.

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“How’s that?”

"When does judicial intervention cross the line into being improper and showing bias?" Asks suesspiciousminds.

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Enforcement of custody in the face of children’s dissent: should law prevail?

Raw and others v France – This complicated inter-jurisdictional battle between estranged parents is a stark illustration of how difficult it can be in these sorts of cases to apply the law in the fog of family warfare.

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“If you ever go across the sea to Ireland”

A discussion of two cases dealing with parents who fled to Ireland to avoid pending care proceedings.

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“You’re fired! Now, can I have an adjournment?”

Suesspiciousminds looks at Re L (A Child) 2013, where the decision to refuse an adjournment was overturned, and Re GB (Children) 2013, where the refusal of the adjournment was approved.

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