A community of marital property regime?

The Law Society Gazette reported yesterday that Nicholas Cusworth QC, chair of the Family Law Bar Association, is in favour of a regime of ‘community of marital property’, under which all assets, except inheritances, gained during a marriage are presumed to be jointly owned and are divided upon divorce.

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Stalking Napo

A long time ago in 2011 I wrote a blog post that was critical of Napo: the blogpost ABUSE OF PROCESS: DRAMATIC EXTENT OF STALKING IN THE FAMILY COURTS concerned the publication of a “dossier” of family court cases said to support the proposition that family court processes were being abused by convicted stalkers.

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Right of Access to Court File

I was asked an intriguing question the other day. One of those which at first blush seems as if it must have a straightforward answer, but on further enquiry proves tricky.

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Two teachers: what business taught me about family law, and vice versa

Marilyn looks back at her first experiences in family law.

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The genie is out: divorce procedure has changed forever, so why hasn’t the law?

The procedure to obtain an uncontested divorce has altered almost beyond recognition over the last 40 years, even though there has been no change in the law.

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Shared parenting: are the Government’s proposals up to scratch?

Marilyn Stowe discusses the Government's co-parenting consultation.

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Aunts aren’t gentlemen

Discussion of a new High Court decision ordering the LA to pay 50% of the aunt’s costs in care proceedings.

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Judge orders that anorexic woman can be force-fed | Analysis

Mr Justice Jackson has ruled that it would be lawful and in the best interests of a 32 year old woman for her to be fed, using physical force or chemical sedation as necessary, for a period of “not less than a year”.

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Help, it’s the care-hair bunch!

suesspiciousminds asks whether hair-strand tests for alcohol and drug misuse are sufficiently accurate for the court to rely on.

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We must not ignore the warnings about fixed fees

The dire situation in the residential property sector gives us a taste of things to come if we adopt this method elsewhere: quality will plummet and negligence claims and insurance premiums will escalate, argues Marilyn Stowe.

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A Dad is for life, not just for Xmas

It is reported that the Government will seek to enact legislation providing for a presumption of “shared parenting” where father and mother split up.

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Co-op (good with kids)

The Government has published its consultation document on reform of the law for private law children proceedings.

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Kamikaze – you’re all thinking it, but I’ll say it out loud

Lucy Reed explains why 26 weeks. Will. Never. Work.

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A Very Private Divorce?

The popularity of Twitter, and the apparently compulsive desire by some to give a real-time account of a floundering marriage to millions of strangers, has left me thinking about privacy, the divorce process and what happens when a divorce is played out in the public domain.

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Party Animals

Guest poster Stephen Twist asks whether now is the right time to withdraw party status from parents in private law children disputes.

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Contraception anybody? Or, if you're not married, how do you get your hands on his money?

I recently had my attention drawn to a case reported in 2010 about an unplanned pregnancy. Of course there are any number of these happening all the time. This one, however, ended up with the parents facing each other in the High Court.

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