We need new laws to ensure transparency in the family courts

The family courts process is more transparent but legislation is needed to achieve true openness in public law cases, says Marilyn Stowe.

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Chapman v Jaume: There is no presumption of advancement between co-habitants

The case of Chapman v Jaume [2012] EWCA Civ 476, reported today on Bailii, serves as a reminder that there is no presumption of advancement between co-habitants, and that therefore proof of payment by one cohabitant to another imports a prima facie obligation to repay upon the recipient.

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Child Care Cases - a difficult question of law heading to the Supreme Court

In March 2004, a baby girl (T-L) was found dead in her parent's bed.

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Use of Independent Social Workers in Care Proceedings

I was fortunate to have been invited recently to the launch event of the publication of an important piece of research and one that is said to be the first of its kind.

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Family Court a law unto itself?

By now the press are reporting widely the case of Alas Al-Wray (FD10C00445 LB of Islington v Al Alas and Wray Approved Judgment 19 April 2012).

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Appealing against Care Orders: a Guide for Parents: Guest Post by Richard Carroll, Pupil at 4 Brick Court

If you have the benefit of legal representation, then your first port of call should be to your solicitor in asking for advice on what to do next.

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Ouch! That hurt.

A case called F v. F has just been reported in the High Court before Mrs. Justice Macur.

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Experts upon Experts

It’s been a few weeks since the Ireland report regarding expert evidence in family proceedings was published.

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M (A Child): S.91(14) prohibitions must be made with caution

M (A Child) [2012] EWCA Civ 446, reported today on Family Law Week, tells a classic tale of a father losing patience with the system.

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Grubb v Grubb: "To be involved in ancillary relief litigation is a dire prospect for any husband or wife"

The report of Grubb v Grubb [2012] EWCA Civ 398, published on Bailii yesterday, may be brief but it is not without interest, particularly for the ubiquitous Lord Justice Thorpe's comments on the level of costs in financial remedy proceedings in London.

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Oh Ofsted, you’re such a, you’re such a hot temptation…

A summary of the Right on Time Ofsted report into delays in adoptions.

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Child abduction: what happens when a parent has a change of heart?

What happens when the non-resident parent has consented to the removal of the children, but goes on to issue an application for their return?

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