“Here they are, they’re so appealing…”

RE (R : Children ) 2011 – which although decided in June last year has only fluttered across my radar this week, courtesy of Pink Tape.

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Discretion and uncertainty in the division of matrimonial assets

By nature, human beings are fickle and emotional. Understandably, they are perhaps never more so than when embroiled in the divorce process.

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What Do Family Law Clients Complain About

Family proceedings, whether in public or private family law are usually charged with emotion and calling upon the system to help with family issues can leave parents and children with very mixed feelings.

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No time to waste on adoption reform

Until the government announced its plans to speed up adoptions this month, I confess I knew very little about the process.

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An update on child abduction and the Hague Convention

What happens when parents separate abroad and one of them wants to return to England and bring the children with them?

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Case Comment: Re S [2012] UKSC 10

Just 9 months after dealing with its last Hague Convention case, Re E [2011] UKSC 27, the Supreme Court has returned to the Convention and (expressing some surprise at being required to do so) has revisited the Article 13b defence potentially available to an abductor, namely that ‘there is a grave risk that [the child’s] return [to the country of origin] would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation.’

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A Mother’s Day perspective: how parents’ legal rights can change for the better

The legal rights of separated fathers to their children is a highly contentious topic, especially given the sadness and bitterness many feel when they are unilaterally cut off from their children.

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Without consent: shining a light on forced marriage

This is a subject we have not tackled before. It may be surprising to many people, but forced marriage, where one party is coerced into a loveless marriage, is a continuing issue in this country.

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who assesses the assessors?

The Family Justice Council report on the quality of expert psychologists used in care proceedings (as trailed on Channel 4 news) is up .

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Good news - judges like to do the right thing. Edgerton v. Edgerton

There's been one of those odd and complicated divorce cases in the Court of Appeal recently. It's about a rich man who, if he's not trying to pull a fast one on his estranged wife, is at least giving a first class impression of doing so.

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Father Figures: How a conservative think tank proposes to deal with 'feckless fathers'

The conservative think tank Policy Exchange has today published a report setting out its recommendations as to how absent fathers on welfare benefits could pay 'meaningful' child support.

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Experts in the News: 20% of experts are not qualified

Channel 4 News tonight at 7pm will carry a full report on some research by Professor Jane Ireland undertaken for the Family Justice Council in which she found that 20% experts in family cases were not qualified.

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Tackling a legal mountain: overturning wasted costs orders

It seems to have been a week dominated by the subject of solicitors and costs.

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Respect my prior authoriteh !

I would be very interested to know if this is a local problem, or more widespread, but I’ve had a spate over the last five months (getting steadily worse) of cases being delayed and my email being clogged full of problems about Prior Authority.

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Book Review: Bubble Wrapped Children – How social networking is transforming the face of 21st century adoption

The ‘bubble wrapped’ children of the title refers to the traumatised adopted child who has tried to protect himself by a metaphorical wrapping of protective layers.

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Fisher Meredith LLP v JH & Anor: The obligation to join a third party

In Fisher Meredith LLP v JH & Anor [2012] EWHC 408 (Fam) Mr Justice Mostyn considered an appeal against a wasted costs order made against the wife's solicitors in financial remedy proceedings.

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Protecting the family Home: orders for sale, bankruptcy and divorce

In these tough times, cash-strapped spouses may find themselves at the receiving end of an application for an order for sale of the matrimonial home, made by a secured creditor such as a bank.

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Designer families - can they ever work?

Two recent cases have brought before the courts what you might term designer families.

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Twisted by the Pool?

This article by Harry Nosworthy on the main site rounds up and summarises some recent decisions on costs in public law proceedings, particularly relating to intervenors.

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