What’s going on in the “divorce arena”?

Family lawyers are often reticent to discuss what is really going on in their practices – so Grant Thornton’s Matrimonial Survey provides a welcome opportunity to find out.

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New Publication: Family Courts’ Guide to Media Access and Reporting

In July 2011, the Family Courts in conjunction with the Judicial College and the Society of Editors published a “Guide to Media Access and Reporting“, written by barristers, Adam Wolanski and Kate Wilson with a Preface by Sir Nicholas Wall and Bob Satchwell.

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Bared Teeth – Grrrrr!

Contempt of Court are the “teeth” behind privacy rules in family proceedings. The court will bite, but only when necessary.

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A note on the Vicky Haigh case

The case of Vicky Haigh has made lurid headlines today. She is the woman publicly named and shamed by Lord Justice Wall, the President of the Family Division, after making “entirely false” and “scandalous” allegations about her former partner.

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Book Review: Legal Aid Handbook

I’ll be honest, when I was reminded that I’d said I’d review the Legal Aid Handbook 2011/12, my heart sank.

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Unravelling legal fees: Is it all just a question of respect?

Legal fees can get many people hot under the collar. Never more so than in family law cases where the subject matter is personal and emotionally charged, and when a client can think of far more pleasant ways to spend his or her hard earned cash.

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Maintenance law must be clarified

Spousal maintenance is the most contentious area in family finance. Ex-husbands bitterly resent paying it and ex-wives fight tooth and nail to keep it.

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Only fools and clients

The government wouldn’t like us to start pulling our own teeth, so why encourage more litigants in person, asks Marilyn Stowe.

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Book review: The Family Lawyer and the Court of Protection

In these wobbly and ever changing days, family lawyers in particular are re-appraising their skillset and breadth of practice.

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From Florence to the Court of Appeal

Marilyn looks at the cases of Yankah v Yankah and N v N.

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Presidential Lapse

The President’s Interim Guidance in respect of CAFCASS will be allowed to lapse on it’s expiry on 30 September.

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External Relocation: An update.

A recent case has provided a useful update to external relocation cases, and I would like to draw upon it to explain how the court approaches cases regarding external relocation, when parents share the care of the child more or less equally.

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Media Access & Reporting

Thanks to Adam Wagner at UKHR Blog for alerting me to today’s publication of “A joint publication of The President of the Family Division, the Judicial College and the Society of Editors” entitled “Media Access & Reporting”, which comes just as I was about to put finger to keyboard and begin to type a blog post containing a proposal in respect of that very topic.

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Russia Accedes to Hague Child Abduction Convention

On Thursday, 28 July 2011, the Russian Federation deposited its instrument of accession to the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The Convention will enter into force for the Russian Federation on 1 October 2011.

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Liberty: deprivation or restraint?

Little is known by the general public about the Court of Protection. It was created, from 1st October 2007, by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 s45.

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Hungary Violates the Hague Convention on Abduction

Having worked on international child custody matters concerning Hungary for several years, and having consulted with Hungarian counsel on such issues, it is unfortunately clear that Hungary does not comply with its obligation under the Hague Abduction Convention to promptly return children who are wrongfully taken to Hungary or retained in Hungary.

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