No Apologist

I’ve posted a lot of material on this blog lately which is critical of prominent individuals who themselves campaign for reform of the family justice system.

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Losing the Thread – Hemming and Mumsnet

Twitter recently alerted me to the existence of an interesting discussion thread on Mumsnet concerning adoption and care and John Hemming.

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Case Preview: Re E [2011] EWCA Civ 361

This week the Supreme Court has been hearing an appeal from the Court of Appeal in Re E (Children.)

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Whaley v Whaley: The proper question

Whaley v Whaley [2011] EWCA Civ 617 involved a husband's appeal against an ancillary relief order made by Mrs Justice Baron.

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Care Proceedings & Learning Disabled Parents

The handbook is an interesting read and a useful guide to common aspect of care work which all too frequently is not given the attention or thought that it requires.

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Avoid the CSA: consider a contractual solution

All parents have a right to apply to the Child Support Agency for the assessment of child maintenance, but our clients often ask us about the interplay between the jurisdiction of the court and that of the CSA.

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What happens to an inheritance in the event of divorce?

When a spouse’s wealth has been inherited rather than earned, it cannot be regarded in any sense as truly “matrimonial”. So if the couple divorces, to what extent should one party share in the assets of the other?

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Commenting on Family Cases

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult areas to comment upon is that of family cases and there is clear tension between the media and the judiciary over this matter.

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When you make a will, can your wishes be overruled?

When you make a will, you patiently set out your intentions for your hard-earned money and goods. Do you ever stop to think that in the event of your death, your decisions and bequests could be overruled?

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Book Review: Financial Remedies under the Family Procedure Rules

Financial Remedies under the Family Procedure Rules, The @eGlance Guide is, as the subtitle suggests, by the same authors as the FLBA's At A Glance and the @eGlance software that I reviewed recently: Sir Peter Singer, Mr Justice Mostyn, Lewis Marks QC and Gavin Smith.

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No quick fix for the child protection system

The Department of Education today published the final report of Professor Eileen Munro into the child protection system in England.

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Judge: Telegraph reporting of family case was “unbalanced, inaccurate and just plain wrong”

The thought of being personally criticised in a reported judgment would make most lawyers break into a cold sweat. Some journalists wear such treatment as a badge of honour. But surely it is professionally embarrassing for a high court judge to label a journalist’s article as “unbalanced, inaccurate and just plain wrong“.

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New family law rules on mediation are too hasty

A month on from April 6 and I’m sure you all felt the disturbance in The Force as the new Family Procedure Rules came into effect.

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Kernott v Jones: a case of square pegs and round holes

The case of Kernott v Jones is being hailed by some family lawyers as, potentially, the “new White”: a reference to the ground breaking case of White v White, heard by the House of Lords in 2000, which radically altered the landscape for divorce settlements.

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Foster Carers as Witnesses?

I see from Community Care that Childrens’ Minister Tim Loughton thinks that judges placing “great store” on the views of Guardians is “an odd way of doing things”.

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So – Superinjunct me!

The hype about hyperinjunctions is just extraordinary at the moment. There is a vast amount of blogging and commentary on the topic, but I’d like to focus on the issue as it relates to family law.

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