John Hemming, sub judice and the public interest: “no abuse of parliamentary procedure”?

Yesterday afternoon there was speculation that John Hemming MP was planning to “break a superinjunction” in the House under cover of Parliamentary privilege.

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Is publicity always the soul of justice?

Yesterday in parliament an MP used his parliamentary privilege to identify a woman who was threatened with prison for naming the council at the heart of a child protection row she was involved in, during a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law and the Court of Protection.

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Has Kate signed a royal prenup?

Come Friday, I’ll be watching the royal wedding on television along with everybody else. I’m looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine, checking out what the families are wearing and finally finding out who has created the bride’s wedding dress.

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Re S (Children): The welfare of each child should be considered separately

Re S (Children) [2011] EWCA Civ 454 concerned the unusual circumstance of a father obtaining leave to remove two children from the jurisdiction, but the mother only appealing in respect of the younger child.

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Internal Relocation: when a parent wishes to move to another part of the UK, what rules apply?

Laura Guillon looks at the relocation of children within the UK.

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External relocation: when a parent wishes to move overseas with a child, what rules apply?

If a relationship breaks down and there are children involved, what rules are applied to cases when one parent wishes to move with the children to another country?

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International divorce: how easy is it to bring your child back to the UK?

Earlier this week, Marilyn Stowe shared the story of a mother who had moved to a faraway country with her husband, an overseas national, and her young family, only to find herself “stuck” there after the marriage broke down.

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The Expat’s Tale: “I’m a stuck mum”

On the blog this week, we are going to look at the fraught subject of relocation in more detail.

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Software Review: @eGlance

@eGlance is a piece of software that has for some years been published by Class Legal, in association with the Family Law Bar Association.

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Holy Mess

Britain’s Family Justice System Isn’t Working, writes Alisdair Palmer, Public Policy Editor of the Sunday Telegraph today.

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The CSA & child maintenance calculations: don’t pay twice!

Reader JamesB had some interesting questions for Stowe Family Law solicitor Rachel Baul about the CSA and changing the amount of child maintenance that he pays every month by an attachment to earnings order.

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Family Procedure Rules 2010: Remarks & Resources

All this week I have been writing about the Family Procedure Rules 2010, examining some of the most important changes for practitioners and clients.

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Family Procedure Rules 2010: Financial Orders

Today we are going to look at Part 9 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010: Applications for a Financial Remedy.

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Family Justice Review Interim Report

The interim report of the FJR has been published today. This post represents very much an interim analysis of that interim report.

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