Experts assessments & observations of contact: haggling with the LSC

I posted recently about a local issue where the LSC are apparently refusing to fund any element of an expert assessment which involves an observation of contact.

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“Wrong time to force mediation on couples set for divorce”

Back in 1996 I was trained as one of the first specialist family law mediators in the UK.

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A GIFT from the MoJ

I was charmed to receive in my inbox today an invitation to help The Man promote the new policy of compulsory thinking-about-mediation.

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Family justice system is failing vulnerable children in care

A report published this week revealed that half of the children in care do not trust the court to make the right decision about their lives.

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Consultation Response – P.S. To Ken Clarke

A point I wish I’d made in my consultation response in respect of the rise of the litigant in person and the impact on access to justice:

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O (Children): Dealing with children who have become settled in a new country

The case O (Children) [2011] EWCA Civ 128 concerned an appeal against an order for the return of children under the Hague Convention.

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Practice Directions to the New Family Procedure Rules 2010 – Mediation PD

I posted recently about the Practice Directions to the new Family Procedure Rules which come into force on 6 April. Practice Direction 3A Pre-Application Protocol for Mediation Information and Assessment has now been published along with a guidance note and Compliance Form FM1.

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Another Valentine's Day Massacre

It is somewhat ironic that the consultation period set by the Government in relation to its plans to slash the Legal Aid budget closes on Valentine's Day, especially when it is the person encountering matrimonial difficulties who is potentially going to be hit hardest by the proposals.

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Richardson v Richardson: Cases in which a Barder event can be successfully argued are extremely rare

In Richardson v Richardson [2011] EWCA Civ 79, decided today, the husband appealed against a final ancillary relief order on the basis of subsequent events.

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M v M: Court orders that husband should not be heard in relation to wife's application for interim maintenance

The case of M v M [2010] EWHC 2817 (Fam) (for some reason also reported with the citation [2011] EWHC 3574) involved a successful Hadkinson application on behalf of the wife.

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When divorce costs spiral, where does the responsibility lie?

It was with some personal discomfort that I read the quotation from a recent article of mine in Family Law, as cited by Lord Justice Wilson in the appeal before the Court of Appeal of Jones v Jones.

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Cohabitation rights: three cheers for Lord Justice Wall!

Lord Justice Wall, the President of the Family Division, has said that cohabiting couples who split up should have legal rights to a possible share of property and money.

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Why would a “very rich woman” fight for a larger divorce settlement?

A friend of mine, barrister Ashley Murray of Oriel Chambers in Liverpool, was recently quoted by Lord Justice Wilson in a Court of Appeal judgement in the case of Jones v Jones.

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