Jones v Jones: Valuing a company at the date of marriage

A quick summary of Jones v Jones [2011] EWCA Civ 41.

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The Hypothetical Third Magistrate

Just a little brain teaser someone set for me this week: what if a bench of two magistrates hearing a contested application for an interim care order (a third being unavailable) cannot agree?

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Special Guardianship Allowances

I will do a complete round up on this topic soon but a couple of preliminary thoughts.

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LSC & contact: refusal to fund experts

I am being told that the Liverpool office of the LSC is declining to meet the costs of any assessment which incorporates an observation of contact.

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Legal aid cuts - what are the alternatives?

In its impact assessment on the legal aid green paper, the government notes that people who no longer receive legal aid may tackle disputes differently or - as seems more likely in many situations - may decide not to tackle an issue at all.

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Child maintenance reform: A summary of the main proposals

I've been looking at the DWP Green Paper Strengthening families, promoting parental responsibility: the future of child maintenance, and thought I would set out a summary of the main proposals.

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Sara’s Story: prenups and the “unhappily unmarried”

Last week a commenter called Sara left a lengthy response on a post about prenuptial agreements, for which I was very grateful. I read it through several times and instead of replying to her in the comments, I decided to write a post about the points she raised.

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Practice Directions to the Family Procedure Rules 2010 – The abridged version

Ask and ye shall receive. And lo! I have receivethed no less than 27 Practice Directions to supplement the Family Procedure Rules 2010, all smiling at me from my inbox this morning, and all apparently all made by the President and approved on behalf of the Lord (Chancellor) Himself.

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CW v NT & Anor: Surrogate mother allowed to keep her child

The case CW v NT & Anor [2011] EWHC 33 (Fam) has caused a number of headlines but, at its heart, is a simple decision based primarily upon the capacity of the parties to meet the child's needs.

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Tainted Love

Here’s hoping this year’s fresh Family Proceedings Rules sort out this maddening self-help situation, says Marilyn Stowe.

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What Prenuptial Agreements mean for The First Wives Club

This weekend I watched one of my favourite films – again. The First Wives Club is terrific: it follows three wives through the full range of emotions that are so familiar to my clients, when all three are dumped by their husbands for younger women.

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“Prenups and the law are an uneasy marriage”

OVER the past few years, prospective brides, grooms and their parents have come to see us in increasing numbers to ask about prenuptial agreements.

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Divorce is Cheap

The Observer runs a piece today on the false economy that cut-price online divorce services may represent.

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Justice with Courage: doing the legal laundry

Marilyn Stowe looks back on a busy week, including the Law Commission consultation paper on marital agreements and the government's proposals regarding child support.

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Prenuptial Agreements and the Law Commission: a royal conundrum

The arguments for and against legalising prenups in this country have been done to death and I don’t intend to rehearse them all over again.

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Defence Minister Defends Legal Aid Cut & Paste

Lucy Reed writes to her MP about the proposed reforms of Legal Aid.

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Family Procedure Rules 2010 – The Very Abridged Version

The Family Procedure Rules 2010 – not to be confused with the Family ProceedINGS Rules 1991 (as amended) – are now available for your delectation. I don’t know many lawyers who would relish the prospect of poring over almost 300 pages of SI, so I’ve done it for you.

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Policy to prevent forced marriages “arbitrary and disruptive”, says Court of Appeal

A key part of the government’s strategy to combat forced marriages, preventing people under the age of 21 from entering the country to marry, has been heavily criticised by the Court of Appeal.

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News Brief: The Family Procedure Rules 2010

A brief summary of the new Family Procedure Rules, which will 'provide a new code of procedure for family proceedings in the High Court, county courts and magistrates’ courts'.

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