Family law in action: will we go the way of the Scots in 2011?

It is New Year’s Eve and another year is about to begin. I always feel some trepidation when Big Ben begins to chime 12 and the first day of January begins. This year I feel more anxious than ever although, as always, I will aim to start the New Year in a positive frame of mind.

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The family law case of the year: Imerman v Tchenguiz

As we gallop towards the end of 2010 my thoughts have turned to just what has happened over the past 12 months. In particular, which has been the “stand out” family law case of this year?

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Review of the Year 2010

Now that the horrors of Xmas are behind us, it's time for another seasonal tradition: the annual retrospective.

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Research on Litigants in Person

Been meaning to pop a link up to Richard Moorhead’s useful summary of his research on Litigants in Person.

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Book Review: Good Practice in Child Care Cases

Good Practice in Child Care Cases was first published in 2004, and was intended to provide guidance for solicitors acting in public law Children Act proceedings, both in terms of the conduct of cases and the particular approach required.

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A Family Solicitor’s Christmas Carol

This is an expanded version of my latest Family Business column in Solicitors Journal.

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Are we getting more litigious in family cases?

The Green Paper on legal aid suggests that legal aid has encouraged too much litigation but provides no evidence to support that assertion.

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The Centre for Social Justice rides again

It may surprise you to learn that in the CSJ’s latest report, Family breakdown in the UK: it’s NOT about divorce, I find something to like.

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Questions in the House

There have been a number of questions in The House on family legal aid reform.

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Is more mediation in divorce cases missing the point?

In recent speeches legal aid minister Jonathan Djanogly has emphasised the government’s commitment to increasing the use of mediation, particularly in disputes over arrangements for children, property and finances that arise when family relationships break down.

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Re Jane

Discussion of the case Re Jane (A Child) [2010] EWHC 3221 (Fam).

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Mr Justice Coleridge and intractable contact disputes: change is in the air

Long-time readers of this blog will recall that I have previously applauded Mr Justice Coleridge for his bold and outspoken views on family breakdown. His latest speech touched on another sensitive and controversial subject: the plight of children who become caught up in ugly contact disputes between parents.

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