The Hildebrand Rules and Imerman v Tchenguiz: what about Jim v Mary?

Yesterday the Court of Appeal made a landmark ruling that has been described as a “cheat’s charter”.

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Non-Hague International Child Abductions from Britain

This map, prepared by the U.K.'s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, shows those non-Hague countries with the highest numbers of new British child abduction cases.

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Cafcass: the National Audit Office

Seemingly I am not the only one to have noticed the inadequacies of Cafcass. The BBC reports on the conclusions of the National Audit Office inspection of the service.

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Openness in the Family Courts: news roundup

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph raises concerns about some specific public law cases in his ongoing campaign against closed family courts.

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Family Justice Review

Further to my previous post, I am en route back to the sticks having thrown my two penn’orth in the general direction of the Family Justice Review Panel (I got ‘em, right between the eyes).

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'Carnage' as family solicitors lose legal aid contracts

LAG has just heard from the Legal Services Commission that 1,300 out of 2,400 firms have been awarded contracts in family law.

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Lord Justice Munby and the piglets: a salutary tale

Because divorce lawyers aren’t mind readers and because divorce settlements aren’t matters of precise science, there can be many twists and turns in a divorce case.

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Would a shared parenting presumption actually make a difference?

In her column in Family Law last week Sandra Davis took issue with MP Brian Binley over his Shared Parenting Orders Bill

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Book Review: Domestic Abuse - Practice and Precedents

Domestic Abuse - Practice and Precedents sets for itself the considerable task of ‘providing a fully comprehensive guide to all aspects of domestic abuse’, outlining the full range of civil and criminal options, including non-molestation and occupation orders, forced marriage protection orders, protection from harassment and even anti-social behaviour injunctions. How well does it meet these aims?

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Re S (A child): 'Chillingly callous'

The case of Re S (A Child) [2010] EWHC 1669 (Fam) is, sadly, a familiar story.

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A big idea for legal aid cuts

The Ministry of Justice have got big cuts to make and we have already heard that a number of courts are going to be merged or closed, but this is chickenfeed compared to what is going to be needed to meet the coalition targets.

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A Momentous and Disturbing Ruling in Europe on the Hague Abduction Convention

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has issued, just days ago, a major decision that – at least at first blush – appears likely to have an extremely significant impact on the interpretation and application of the Hague Abduction Convention within Europe and may well lead to a major split between the way that Convention is interpreted and applied within Europe versus the rest of the world.

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Money: when is it relevant to children cases?

I am grateful to Peter Ryder, solicitor, for the following thoughts on residence, parental responsibility & relocation.

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Guidance on McKenzie Friends

The Master of the Rolls & the President of the Family Division have issued new Guidance on McKenzie Friends.

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Prenuptial agreements: a waste of time and money?

This week’s edition of The Sunday Times carried a lurid headline, “An end to the goldmine divorce”, with accompanying pictures of the heiress Katrin Radmacher and her former husband Nicolas Granatino.

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Cafcass: advocates duties when there is no Officer appointed

One of the most regrettable casualties of the increase in workload has been the availability of Cafcass Officers to report in cases.

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Monro Review – a Hard Act to Follow

I wondered which of the big egos of the Monro Child Protection Review Team would be first to rush to express their firmly held and wise opinions.

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Pre-nups to be enforceable?

According to the Sunday Telegraph today, the Law Commission will recommend that prenuptial agreements be made legally enforceable.

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Nightmare for dad charged with alleged child abduction

Andrew Wall, a 40 year old father from Lincolnshire, has been charged with 2 counts of child abuction by a parent in relation to a recent break he took with his 6 year old twin sons.

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A v East Sussex County Council & Ors: The cost of child protection

The case A v East Sussex County Council & Ors [2010] EWCA Civ 743 caused some headlines yesterday, for example in The Independent, and on the BBC. It concerned a mother whose two-month-old son was removed from her and taken into care because of fears which subsequently proved groundless.

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Halliwells and the true cost of the recession: why take a cheap shot?

Over the past couple of weeks, the legal press has been buzzing with news of the demise of Halliwells, a large firm of solicitors based in Manchester.

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Court had to balance child’s need to continue relationship with father and mother’s wishes to return to France

One of the most difficult judgements Family Courts have to consider is when one parent wishes to take the children to another country (perhaps their country of origin, having left their extended family behind to marry and settle in the UK), because the Court is aware that in the majority of cases this will mean the parent remaining in the UK will effectively lose the relationship with their children.

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Grandparents' rights: No 'rose-tinted glasses'

There is much discussion these days of grandparents' rights. Promoting contact rights for grandparents is, of course, one of the matters that will be considered by the Family Justice Review.

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Open letter to Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg has today asked us all to help the Government make divorce better ... This could be a very complex subject, so to keep things clear I set out below some quick thoughts.

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Publication of information in children matters – Children Schools and Families Act 2010

The Children Schools and Families Act 2010 made its way through ‘wash up’ and received Royal Assent on 8 April 2010.

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