Less than ambulatory intentions

Kernott v Jones [2010] EWCA Civ 578. This was the Court of Appeal hearing, on a second appeal, of a case on equitable interests in a property.

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Official Slow-icitor

Yet another facet of the system is creaking under the caseload: I am reliably informed that the Official Solicitor has written to family law practitioners to inform them that his staff is unable to accept new instructions to act as a guardian ad litem or litigation friend without some delay.

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ISW Pay Rates

When Cafcass started to be unable to meet courts request’s for Children’s Guardians the Legal Services Commission (LSC) became concerned that its legal aid funds were at risk of being used to engage Independent Social Workers (ISWs) as substitutes for the absent Cafcass Guardians.

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Kernott v Jones: A cautionary tale

"This is a cautionary tale, which all unmarried couples who are contemplating the purchase of residential property as their home, and all solicitors who advise them, should study."

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Lightning Fast Lawyers

40 minutes apparently. That’s the time it takes to get to and from Bath County Court from chambers in Bristol. Or at least my clerks tell me (to snorts of derision from me) that this is all the LSC say I can claim.

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So you’re divorcing and the housing market has stalled. Now what?

Local and national newspapers are filled with page after page of houses that are failing to sell. Those who don’t have to sell simply aren’t – it is a buyer’s market and the price a seller asks for is unlikely to be what they receive.

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Adoption, Secrecy and Facebook

Back in August last year I wrote about the potential effects of social networking sites, primarily Facebook, on adoption. Now I see Victoria Macdonald in the Observer and under the not understated headline; “Adopted children face anguish as birth parents stalk them on Facebook”, has discovered the same issue.

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ISWs throw in the towel

Community Care reports on the prospect of Independent Social Workers quitting over the fees cap to be introduced by the LSC in October.

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Shut Your Face(book)

Dear (Imaginary) Client, Please read, digest and act promptly upon this article in The Guardian which tells you how to appropriately protect your privacy on Facebook.

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Foretelling the future of family law

Marilyn Stowe consults her trusty crystal ball to predict the future for family law in these unsettled times.

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Manners Maketh a Lawyer

I had a particularly taxing day at court recently. My opponent solicitor and I did not – ahem – gel.

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Heads and Eyes Rolling

Is there any part of the family justice system not being adversely affected by a lack of resources?

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CAFCASS – Fact Finding

Jacqui Gilliat on the Family Law Week Blog highlights two concerning practice developments here in her post about CAFCASS.

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Why “I’ll keep the house, you keep your pension” is too simple.

Miles Hendy of Fraser Heath Financial Management and David Freke of Moore Stephens Financial Services gave a great presentation to the Bath Collaborative Law group earlier this morning at Mogers‘ offices.

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A marriage of convenience

The best news about the new political reality at Westminster is, of, course, that if things work out as hoped we will all be spared the horror of another general election for the next five years. How, however, will the coalition affect family policies?

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The Politicians’ Wedding Entrance Dance

"Because we voted for people and not parties, there is no overall majority. So in order to govern, two of the people who lead our parties must now dive headlong into an arranged marriage."

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If only we had a magic wand...

I recently stumbled across a US website called 'Our Family Wizard' which really interested me. OFW provides a service for separated parents to manage their communication and arrangements relating to their children.

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Washed up and hung out to air in public

Further to my previous post on the passing of the Children Schools & Families Act 2010, The Times has published an article about the new provisions which is spot on

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Opening up the courts, one year on

Like a dog with a bone, The Times today continues its campaign to open up the family courts.

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Panel Minutes

I had a salutary reminder recently of how useful it can be getting hold of minutes of internal meetings held within the local authority which are not routinely disclosed.

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Cafcass & fact finding

Speaking as one who is having enormous difficulties managing my own caseload I was interested to learn yesterday of a novel approach being adopted in the Stoke area to managing the deluge of cases in which domestic violence allegations are made and which would ordinarily be listed for a fact finding hearing.

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Pannone case heard in the Court of Appeal now reported

The website 'Family Law Week' have now published the full judgment of the case of H (A Child) which was heard by the Court of Appeal in February.

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