Better Marriage Counselling Contributing to Fall in Divorce Rates

In their recent article Divorce rate lowest for 29 years, the BBC quote Claire Tyler, chief executive of Relate as saying "Relationship support works, with 80% of respondents to a Relate survey, who wanted to keep their relationship together, stating they felt counselling helped to strengthen their relationship.

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Police pension schemes - issues when commissioning actuarial reports in divorce

The general issues with police pensions are similar to those of the armed forces: 1. CETVs are not appropriate valuations for use in divorce 2. Distorted CETVs means distorted pension share percentages.

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Divorce Statistics

Resolution is again backing calls for divorce law reform in England and Wales after newly released statistics highlight the flaws of a “blame centred” divorce process.

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Divorce – sorry seems to be the hardest word

Some female clients point to the lack of remorse shown by a cheating spouse. “He denied it for months on end”, “he told me I was imagining things and that I’m mad” and “he won’t even say sorry!” are just some of the comments that I have heard many times over.

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Big Breasted Woman Appeals Court Decision

I’m a little puzzled by this article by Martin Evans at The Telegraph, entitled ‘Lesbian Mother Appeals Court Decision After Daughter Removed’.

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Does Charon have a point, or is he just making mischief?

In a post a couple of days ago in which he contemplated the divorce laws of Britain Charon QC pondered why lawyers who deal with the fantastically rich are so rich themselves.

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Are some children ‘unplaceable’?

I just read that the Attorney-General is to review the sentences handed out to the two young brothers in the Edlington case.

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Netherlands: Changing Hague Abduction Case Practice

It is reported that the Dutch State will no longer take legal action against Dutch citizens in cases of international child abduction, under a legislative amendment agreed by the Dutch cabinet.

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Attitudes towards cohabitation

I've just been looking at the press release for the British Social Attitudes ('BSA') 26th Report, which was published today.

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Divorce in Europe: primed for change?

On Friday I enjoyed the company of family lawyers from around Europe ... With so many of us gathered in one place, the talk turned to family law – and how we are separated by our respective countries’ laws, customs and conventions.

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Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: are they any good?

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have been in and out of the news over the past year.

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Human Bed-Warmers

I was asked a strange question today. As a divorce lawyer where do I stand on Holiday Inn’s announcement that it is to trial human bed-warmers?

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Reformed Meat

So the Government has published its Families & Relationships Green Paper in which it proposes a fundamental review of the Family Justice System and a number of other reforms.

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Divorce and children: how “conciliation hearings” can heal disagreements

Divorce cases that involve disagreements about children are often described as “difficult”. Emotions run high; at a local level the judiciary may have to fall upon its own judgement when asked to choose one suitable option above others. Bitterness, heartache and large legal bills can result. Is there another way? I think so.

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Politicians are really annoying

I read in The Times that politicians propose to require all divorcing couples to go to mediation. Madness.

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Families and Relationships Green Paper: Improving the family justice system?

I have been perusing the Government's Families and Relationships Green Paper, which was published today...

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Cameron’s Cold Feet

I simply couldn’t resist returning to the blawgosphere with a little something about David Cameron’s recent discussion of marriage.

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Hello – Do you COPY?

... why is it that Her Maj’s Court Service increasingly expects counsel to stay at court – without payment – drafting orders which by rights should be drawn up by court staff, only then to demand £5 per page for the luxury of a photocopy of that order?

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Behind Closed Doors? Documents & other information to be used in court

Uncharacteristically, I thought I would kick of my blogposts for 2010 (the start of a new decade called ....? answers on a postcard please) with a little piece about ancillary relief though some of the points it raises may be just as applicable to children cases.

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Marriage - the end of an institution

Families are becoming a hot political topic, not before time, but I still find it difficult to raise too much enthusiasm.

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Divorce: how to calculate “reasonable needs”

As family lawyers, we talk a lot about needs when we advise our clients. We talk of capital needs for housing, transport and to redeem liabilities and income needs to meet ongoing annual and monthly expenditure.

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With divorce enquiries on the rise, is it time to change the rules?

As marriage rates have fallen in recent years, divorce rates have also gone down, but family solicitors reported a massive surge in divorce enquiries from clients in the run up to Christmas and predicted the number of petitions will soar in 2010.

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Credit where it’s due?

Walsh v Singh [2009] EWHC 32 is a fascinating case about constructive trust (CT) and proprietary estoppel (PE), or at least it could have been.

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The Children App

Some time ago I was playing with my iPhone, wondering what apps I could justifiably claim as tax deductible, when I chanced across the Child Law App

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Legal Emissions

Public buildings are some of the biggest culprits in terms of carbon emissions according to a government survey reported this week.

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Life after divorce: limit your exposure

Divorce is not an event that can be recovered from in minutes, weeks or months. I was thinking about this as I travelled 200 miles back to the north of England after my appearance on GMTV earlier this week.

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Walsh v Singh: A classic cohabitee case

I have been considering the case of Walsh v Singh & Anor [2009] EWHC 3219 (Ch). I don't think that it decides anything new, but I would still recommend that it be read, as it seems to me to be a classic application of the (current) property rules relating to cohabitees.

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French Government intend to make shouting at your partner a criminal offence

The French Premier, Francois Fillon, has announced the government’s intention to create a new criminal offence of ‘psychological violence’ where couples are married or cohabiting.

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