But What About the Children? Hearing the Voice of Children and Young People in court proceedings

On Monday 9th March 2017 I attended the Nagalro Autumn Conference which examined how children’s voices are heard in court proceedings about them.

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News Media Association fails in claim for judicial review of Press Recognition Panel

The High Court has rejected NMA’s claim for judicial review of the PRP’s decision to recognise IMPRESS as an independent, charter-compliant press regulator.

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Checking Facebook – social workers and social media

I happened to read the Community Care piece on social workers and social media this week.

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Appearing as a witness in court – tips for parents

Tonight I was involved in a twitter discussion about the publication of some tips for social workers who are worried about giving evidence, and the sense that parents are not given similar support.

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Follicle a deux

Re H (A Child :Hair Strand Testing) 2017.

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Eastenders – gritty real life drama or just running down social workers again?

Eastenders has recently run a story line about child protection. It hasn’t gone down very well with social workers.

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Fair, accurate and balanced – while being stopped from reporting the facts?

The lack of transparency in family law cases means we are now in a situation where abuses of some of the most intrusive powers the state has are illegal to report, says Louise Tickle.

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The Court of Protection pilot – taking off before a flying test?

Questions about the Court of Protection transparency pilot.

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More adoption or faster adoption?

For children who cannot stay with their birth families, adoption, and adoption at the earliest opportunity is a good thing. But we need to take care not to slip into simplifying that proposition into one which simply reads : Adoption is a GOOD THING.

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The muslim foster carer case again – what else has emerged?

This week the court held a further hearing, the IRH or Issues Resolution Hearing.

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‘The Right to Justice’: political slogan or something more sinister?

The Right to Justice (Fabian Policy Report, September 2017.

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Let’s be clear: “Right to die” and “Withdrawal of treatment” are not the same

The recent judgment of Mr Justice Peter Jackson that doctors and relatives do not always need to consult the court before withdrawing medical treatment from a terminally ill patient has been reported under headlines labelling it a “right to die” case. This is wrong and risks conflating two quite different situations in the lay reader’s mind.

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