Ilott -v- Mitson: Claims by adult children contesting wills – the law is unsatisfactory

The Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the case of Ilott (Respondent) v The Blue Cross and others (Appellants) [2017] UKSC 17 on 15 March, a case having its roots in the death of the late Mrs Jackson (Mrs Ilott’s mother) some 13 years ago.

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Now wash your hands

East Sussex v AG (Finding of Fact) 2017.

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Offers to settle: HRA damages claims and CPR Part 36 – Part I

In SW & TW (Human Rights Claim: Procedure) (Rev 1) [2017] EWHC 450 (Fam), Cobb J expressed the view obiter – the question was not formally before him – that Human Rights Act 1998 s 8 damages claims alongside care proceedings must be issued under CPR 1998 Pt 8.

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Prisons and courts bill: cross-examination of complainant witnesses

This is a guest post written by David Burrows.

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Prison & Courts Bill – banning cross examination of victims?

I’d intended to post a speedy, pithy summary of what the new Bill says about the “prohibition on cross examination of victims in family courts”, as it has been described.

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‘The truly pitiful plight of a mother caught up in drug addiction’: Publishing judgments from ‘ordinary’ family court decisions

Before new guidance from February 2014 (the Transparency Guidance), it was extremely rare for a judgment from a ‘routine’ family court case, outside of the High Court, raising no point of particular legal interest, to be placed in the public domain by being published (anonymously) online.

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Reports on A and B (Children); and the wider issue of effective social work regulation the case raises

A and B (Children) [2016] EWFC B115 was decided in March 2016 but published in February 2017, alongside Baker J’s July 2016 decision (A and B (Findings against social worker) (Rev 1) [2016]) not to permit the social worker to appeal the original findings of misconduct against her.

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Who holds the risk, how risk is assessed and how brave or risk averse those who make decisions for children?

On March 9th 2017, Lord Justice McFarlane delivered the first of the Bridget Lindley OBE Memorial Lectures.

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Just add this one to the pile…

The continued mis-reporting of family cases by Christopher Booker.

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Consultation by the FMC – Should mediators draft consent orders?

The Family Mediation Council has consulted all bodies conducting mediation on whether, contrary to the present rules governing mediators, we should be allowed to draft consent orders.

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Jack Russell and lackadaisical assessments

Cheshire East Borough Council v PN & Ors (Flawed Local Authority Assessments) [2017] EWFC 20 (03 March 2017).

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The Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill—a radical change for family law?

Hilary Lennox, barrister at 5 St Andrews Hill, considers the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] 2016-17, a private member’s bill introduced by Baroness Deech.

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