Towards a Family Justice Observatory

Many of us in the family justice system have been saying for a long time that there is an urgent need for better dissemination of research about important issues which guide judicial decision making about children and their futures.

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The Everlasting Discussion of Lasting Powers of Attorney

An interview with recently-retired senior judge of the Court of Protection, Denzil Lush, on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme has led to a flurry of comment and discussion this week about the advantages and disadvantages of lasting powers of attorney (in particular for property and affairs) as against deputyship appointed by the Court of Protection.

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Cross-examination by alleged abusers; and thoughts for a way through…

Abusive cross-examination: recent case-law.

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Child refugees – section 20? Care proceedings? Either?

Re J (child refugees) 2017.

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Family Court judge accused of misfeasance in public office by social worker he criticised

The case W (Children) [2017] EWFC 61 (17 August 2017).

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Mrs Owens: a divorce in 2017

The concept of “no fault divorce” has gained traction in recent years, but the recent case of Owens v Owens and the image it conjures up of a wife trapped in a loveless marriage has concentrated people’s minds on the issue. As the case heads towards a further appeal hearing in the Supreme Court, David Burrows comments on the prospects for reforming a law to meet its legislators’ true intentions nearly half a century ago.

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Ostriching and adverse inferences

Where a parent doesn’t engage with assessments and doesn’t provide samples for drug testing, what can the Court do about it?

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Lasting Powers of Attorney in the news – a more detailed explanation

On 15 August the BBC ran a story about powers of attorney arising from comments made by Denzil Lush, who retired from his position as Senior Judge of the Court of Protection last year. This article attempts to clarify and expand on some of the points made and to provide further information about the issues raised.

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Rights and an English divorce

Mrs Owens and the Supreme Court.

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Can parents publicly petition against care orders?

The answer to the question is yes, in very limited circumstances and where no harm can be shown as likely to the children.

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How cash flow modelling can help clients

Rebecca Williams, client director at Brown Shipley, says that cash flow modelling can make all the difference during divorce negotiations when securing the right settlement for your client and helping them to plan new financial goals for their future.

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