The digital age dawns: online divorce

I had the pleasure of attending the At A Glance legal conference in London on Wednesday. One of the speakers was Adam Lennon, the Head of Family Modernisation & Improvement at HM Courts and Tribunals Service. He talked about the Court’s plans to roll out an online divorce system.

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Grandparents must NEVER be told their daughter had twins

The Daily Mail reported on 20 June that a judge had ruled that “Grandparents must NEVER be told their daughter had twins…as mother plans to give babies away”.

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Cowboys of the wild west?

Some context on the influence of fee-charging McKenzie Friends in family law.

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Can you lose your kids for rejecting an offer of distant accommodation?

Can a judge take away your children because you’ve refused distant accommodation?

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Charlie Gard: Strasbourg Court imposes another stay on Supreme Court ruling to consider parents’ arguments

Following the Strasbourg Court’s request for interim measures for the UK – which means the hospital may not take Charlie Gard off life support as the Supreme Court has allowed it to do – the Supreme Court arranged a short hearing to take place Monday 19 June, to give directions.

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Charlie Gard – the case for interim measures to preserve life

Here, I will reflect on three questions: Why is the Supreme Court considering the matter again so soon? What is being reported about the arguments that are being advanced? What should the Supreme Court do?

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Fasting for Ramadan and Court of Protection

An interesting Court of Protection case which might prove useful for other professionals.

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Parental Alienation – an alien concept?

This post is about a case called : B (A 14 Year Old Boy), Re [2017] EWFC B28 (11 May 2017), a decision of His Honour Judge Simon Wood recently published.

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Sharing (non)marital money: Sharp v Sharp

When a couple gets divorced, they must split their assets fairly, bearing in mind 3 principles set out by the Supreme Court in two joined cases, Miller v Miller and McFarlane v McFarlane.

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Complaint to The Telegraph (another one)

Below is the text of a complaint submitted to The Telegraph today about Mr Booker’s reporting of H (A Child), Re (Interim Care Order : fact finding) [2017] EWHC 518 (Fam), which we don’t think is accurate.

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Tip of the iceberg? You don’t say… the McKenzie Friend research

The research commissioned by the Bar Council in to fee paid McKenzie friends has been published today.

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Fee Paid McKenzie Friends Research

A research study looking at the role played by Fee Paid McKenzie Friends in private law children cases has been published.

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