Human Rights Act 1998 and family law in 2019

Recent press comment has gone back to concerns about the Tories getting rid of Human Rights Act 1998. What does this mean, in the context (mostly) of family law?

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Video hearings and family courts

A number of strands of family law and modern court practice coalesce in the civil proceedings default judgment video-link set aside scheme.

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An interesting judgment about reporting restrictions

This post is about a case called : A and B (Children) [2018] EWHC 3491 (Fam) (20 December 2018).

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Hi Sky, Corrected your misleading headline, love TP xxx

Thanks to Emily Ward for alerting us to this gem of a headline from Sky News : Man loses court fight over wife’s ‘flirtatious’ kisses on text messages.

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International Online Courts Forum: what we learned

We joined more than 300 government, legal and IT professionals from around the world of delegates at last month’s first International Online Courts Forum.

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Another runaway mum in the news – what’s the story?

Shortly before Christmas reports began to emerge of a young mother who had disappeared with her little boy, and of the High Court Judge who gave permission for the family to be publicly named and photos shown in order to help locate them.

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What’s in a judgment anyway?

In November a journalist I know and respect took to social media to air her concerns about the probity of family court process as regards transcripts of hearings.

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Separating twins

BT & GT (Children : twins – adoption) [2018] EWFC 76 (29 November 2018).

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Was the risk really bad enough to justify the remedy?

This question was asked by Lord Justice Peter Jackson in a judgment reported last month,  Re F (A Child: Placement Order: Proportionality) [2018] EWCA Civ 2761.

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Declaration of Parentage used in Child’s Abduction Proceedings

An unusual judgment has recently been made by Mr Justice Williams in G (Declaration of Parentage – Removal of Person Identified as Mother from Birth Certificate) (No2) [2018] EWHC 3361 (Fam).

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Royals, resulting trusts, and representation

In December 2017, I wrote about Privacy and the Princess, a case involving the divorce of two members of the Luxembourg royal family, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy.

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Be careful what you wish for: Transparency – what are its consequences?

This post is to comment on the latest ramifications of the long journey of two parents who faced the same accusation in both criminal and family courts but with very different outcomes.

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